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My Rant
by Jodie Williams on 2002-07-18

As I sit and watch Smackdown, I have to wonder why all the good ideas are still being held down while all the crappy ideas are continually being brought to the head of the show. One of these ideas is the RAW and Smackdown GMís. Why do we need a GM for each show? And why dos it have to be Bischoff and Stephanie? Why couldnít it have been a couple of people that the majority of fans want to see? These are questions that we may never get an answer to. Another of these ideas was bringing in the NWO as a Ďcancerí to kill the WWE. That died rather unexpectedly and with little to no fanfare on RAW. Canít say the WWE isnít suffering at this point of time, but the NWO was only as small part of the shows decline as of late. Personally, I think they should just let Heyman go nuts with the writing team, and keep the McMahons out of his way. He has proven that he can put on a good show when he has control, just donít give him access to the accounting ledgers.

I must say though, they have been good about showcasing some of the rookies as of late, one of which I am very impressed with when I watch him in the ring. This would be one John Cena. I was impressed with his talent and performance from the first match I saw him in against Kurt Angle. Both these men went up against each other move for move, and they actually didnít make Angle look super human against a rookie. If they can do this for all the talented rookies that they have without pushing others out of the way, that would be great. I suppose that until that happens, Iíll always have my dreams.

Well, Iíve had my rant about the WWE, now onto something else. Iíve heard rumors lately that the guys on Mansonís board are biased against the females on this board. Now, I know this canít be true, especially since one such guy, *cough*DanTitus*cough*, wouldnít do such a thing. How do I know this? Some of you may ask. I know this because Dan likes coming over to our house several times a month to watch the PPV and have dinner here. He wouldnít do anything to jeopardize his privileges each month. Oh, btw Dan, if I get any silly add-ins from your side of the posting process of this article, that is considered jeopardizing your privileges.

Anyways, I'm done submitting you to my ramblings for now, see you all later.

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