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Mangler's Memoirs - How About?
by Marcus Madison on 2002-07-22

This weeks edition of the memoirs is a dedicated to the wonderful "what if” columns that have circulated. By Mark Price and Raine Daniels to you I present my rendition called the "how about". This will be no holds barred, no tight rope walking look at the realistic look at the world of class that Vince demonstrates. If Vincent K. were too rule the world outside of the ring what changes would exist and where would we be. These prognostications are not to be taken lightly they were sent to me from the great Nostrodamus himself Johnny Carson!

Wrestling Publications

How about we take away free press? There would be no reason but if there wasn't freedom to chastise the athletes we all know and love then where would constructive criticism be today. Have I ever stepped into the ring? No. Will I ever get into the ring? Probably not. In comparison to hockey how many NHL scouts get onto the ice and have played the game? Hmm, probably a few but of them but I originally had a point before I made this last statement. I knew I was attempting to actually make a point. Wrestling magazines would be a form of medium that would be no different that that of what the government does today. Vince would be the George Orwell, to the world. McMahon would be the one that would cue his own thought police, and in fact would be the big brother that would be watching you. The irony of Vincent watching over every step and breathe taken by his faithful seems quite funny to be quite honest.

Internet Wrestling Media

How about if we take away their stereo’s and kicks them out of their basements? We know that the majority of the internet media isn't old enough to hold a license or even reach the gas petal, let alone put together a collection of ideas or thoughts that make any semblance of sense. They believe the steam of the internet gives them the right to think they actually mean something in the world. They with their temporary servers and part time promises make me believe that when they say they will be HUGE they are actually talking in internet time and not actually days, months, years or weeks. They with their legitimate link claims at the bottom of their posts. As if the majority of wrestling fans can not tell between what is actual info and what is not. (Do I sound just a little bitter?)They are only sad to discover that when they, log off their mommy's are going to tuck them into bed and make them feel all warm and cozy, with a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Independent Wrestlers of the World Unite

How about if we take away all the wealth and prestige of Vince McMahon? We then will proceed to take away all of his now established talent and force them but to have to relive the struggles, the up's and downs of the up and coming independent wrestler and what they have going for them. As I make this somewhat awkward request to you the reader I beg the question but to ask you if the roles were reversed what would take place. If in fact independent promoters were to take the place of Vince McMahon is possible to be as deceiving and conniving as they tend to be. Of course it is! Vince does this to wrestling fans all the time. When you sit on a thrown you are not free from criticism, you are not free from making mistakes.

So whether Vince or an independent promoter was to trade places for just one week not much would change. Alright, maybe there are a few changes that will take place and are very uncanny between Vince and the independent promoter. First off the independent promoter would more than likely promote this week’s edition of Raw and end up leaving with the purse. The only difference is Vince will put on a program, call it Confidential and proceed to create an "expose" shot like program. And then leave with the evening’s purse. The second comparison rests in how they conduct business. The promoter will more than likely pay his workers in peanuts, where as Vince will more than likely take on the role of a peanut vender if has nothing and can barely afford to make ends meet.

As for the independent wrestlers who have taken their place among the elite and the professional’s switched places and walk among the people, life will no doubt be different. Their lives are now forever changed as well. What more can be said about them they clearly will not disappoint. All that had stood before them was air and opportunity. This reversing of roles regardless of owner, promoter, independent wrestler or professional their careers at one moment of time or other crosses each others. The old adage you don't know someone else’s life unless you walk a mile in their shoes, has proved to be no different here. They continue to bleed, sweat and cry not because they have to do it but rather because they want to. Their efforts would not go wasted but rather a deeper and a greater admiration quality exists. It is so great that infect the harder everyone was to work in their respective roles the more defined they would all be in their craft. Everyone from the ring announcers to the stage crew would all attain the love and admiration of the people simply because they tried real hard. Well maybe not because they tried hard but rather because there were no ends to the means of which they continued to work.

Disgruntled Former Employees

How about we take a wrestler that attained moderate success and believe their own hype the likes of the Honky Tonk Man and force them to eat their own vomit? I am disgusted how these former prisoners of the trenches they called a profession believe they are entitled to pass judgment on wrestlers simply to secure their own stranglehold on the internet. There is no question that everyone is entitled to their own opinion they however do it with such a brash and ignorant fashion that I can not believe what they are saying at times. In the case of the Ultimate Warrior, he without doubt recently in a commentary he is such a hypocrite. Although at times his argument is valid I am shocked at how they both have not proved that age doesn't necessary support experience but rather, it seems to have brought out the loss of their long term memory as well. If either of these gentlemen, and I use that word rather loosely had as much nerve online as they genuinely believe they do it goes to show that their opinions are like that of an asshole, "everyone's got one".

So with that I conclude my "How about"? Thanks again to Mark and Raine for allowing me to steal their idea. Alright so maybe I didn't actually ask but I enjoyed putting it together and who knows so one might even read it.

In the mouth of...
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