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Curious George caused some major shit.
by Dan Titus on 2002-08-20

Trish and Stacy battle valiantly.

And yes, Trish emerges as the battered yet perpetually triumphant warrior-ess (Is that a word?) she is.

Things like this aren't bad as the occasional sideshow, as long as they don't become the normal perception of what womens wrestling is capable of.

"But Dan, wouldn't you rather see the five star classic at the Tokyo Dome between Fujiwara Eggroll and Mitsubishi Acura, featuring well executed transitions and flawless psychology?"

I'm not saying I can't appreciate that, but sometimes ya just gotta have some fun. I know that some people are going to whine about "They're exploiting and degrading those oppressed women". Um, no. You can't possibly be exploiting and degrading women if they are getting paid for it. Besides, Trish is the one who went along with stripping down to her panties and barking like a dog for Vince, so she can't very well start whining about dignity and artistic integrity now.

So whats the deal with the hardcore division?As of now, the 24-7 thing is gone. Either the division is a joke or its not. I'd really like to see Heyman have more of a say in that, maybe we could have some old style ECW blood and destruction, instead of guys bashing each other with those salad trays the announcers try to pass off as trash can lids.

The WWF has managed to do the Brock Lesnar push in such a way that it doesn't come across as shoving him down our throats. Ya know, like giving him a bogus and improbable winning streak? They pushed Goldberg in such a way , you were going to lose interest as soon as he did his first job. Lesnar should be ok after he does his.

I know Fozzy is supposed to be a joke band, but I'm not buying the CD. The lead vocals are unimpressive. I think I'll just put that money toward completing my collection of acts no one else likes.

According to Howard Stern, he was negotiating to make an appearance at Summerslam. But it fell thru, and Howard says if he made a wrestling related appearance, he would want it to be for an alternative style promotion, similar to ECW.

It's likely a good thing. I mean, after some of the things WWF fans have seen over the last 5 or 6 years, what, if anything, could Howard do that would create any shock and impact.? Although he and Stacy Keibler have arranged a date to go clubbing(As in nightclubs,not baby seals) at some point. I'm sure if Howard scored, that may leave people in a confused and flabbergasted state. Go for it, Howie. Do it for all of us who live vicariously thru you.

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