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Bacon and Poetry.Oh, and impertinence.
by Dan Titus on 2002-08-27

I never understood why, but I always dug it when hot chicks dress up as cats and foxes and all that stuff.

In the recent issue of Plaboy they did an article on female football players. Now, athletic ability is important, but if they really want the game to succeed, they are going to need some sex appeal, not the horse faced power butches that were recently featured in a CNN story on the sport. And lets swap the uniforms for those frilly lacey camisole things. Oh, and coat the field in oil and have them wrestle for first downs. Then I will park myself on the couch and spend the day in a drunken stupor.

But the Playboy thing was hot. Why am I telling you this?

I don't....know.

Update: Auditions for the porn movie I am producing are to take place at Sam Halsall's condo. If you are a girl wanting to be in the film, and live in the Nanaimo area, give an email. Also,given the plotline of the film, try not to be concerned about the whole going to hell thing.

Angle/Mysterio at SS was great. IMO, There has been no one in 2002 who has been as consistently entertaining to watch as Angle. If you get in the ring with Angle and can't have a great match, um, you suck. Even Manson would have a good match with him. Angle could even take Sweet Daddy D and have a Flair/Steamboat-esque classic with him. Ok, would you believe...A passable midcard match?

Ok, would you believe....something worthy of the opening match at the Arkansas State Fair? Possibly something worth seeing if you snuck in for free? It's sad to say, but we may have have found something beyond even his brilliance.

It's kinda funny. People complain the the WWF was not doing enough to elevate new stars, they finally do so with Brock Lesnar, and people complain. Still, what do we get in the main event of Raw the very next night? 'Taker vs HHH? It was kind of hard for me to maintain an interest in watching that one. Brock could be the biggest thing they ever have, and it all likely hinges on whether HHH likes him. Sheesh.

Ok, forget Arkansas! Maybe a mildly entertaining backyard match?! Sorry, a fellow writer scolded me for letting SDD breathe the last two weeks.

That Howard Finkel/Lillian scene last night gave me an idea for the movie.

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