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by Dan Titus on 2002-09-06

So now my unique brand of idiocy is spreading. This column is now also seen on . Thanks to Cathy Yetman for extending the invite.

Webmistress,eh Cathy? That sounds naughty. Like some sort of dominatrix thing. Does this mean you will be standing over me with a riding crop while I type my columns?Mmmmmm.

"What are you writing, scum? Bark for me, vile male. Bark!"

The website caters to fans in the Maritimes, who I feel really bad for, as they recently had to endure a Sweet Daddy D tour. Note to ECCW: What did those fans ever do to you? I heard about this, and thought you were making an attempt to instigate a Canadian civil war.You trained him, don't pawn him off on someone else.

Jean Chretien: I,ah, am sorree, but sending dat rassler to da maritime provinces constitues a declaration of wartime, and ah, we shall begin deploying troops to ah, Nova Scotia. Go Habs.

Dude, that rat bastard Jared is using his wife in those stupid Subway commercials now. Oh, great romantic strategy, buy her dinner from the restaurant you whore yourself to. Yeah, I bet she's real impressed by your corporate discount. Do you think those ugly teenagers they use in Mcdonalds ads take their significant others to eat there, just because they starred in the fuckin' commercials?

So, NFL season is upon us, and the WWF(Note to new readers, I refuse to call it "WWE") hasn't really been giving viewers a reason to avoid switching over to the game on Monday nights. They had all summer. I get the feeling MNF is going to pick up, with John Madden in the booth, while Raw is going to flounder.

As far as Smackdown goes, this Chuck and Billy "Wedding" bit just feels like a wrongheaded move.

The WWF claims (In a warning issued to parents) the angle will be "humorous". If the intended humor strikes out, is it really worth the risk of further alienating wrestlings fan base?. The WWF has a man capable of being perhaps the most interesting champion in their history, but instead the focus is on this stuff?

Wrestling has a predominantly blue collar (and male) fanbase. How many of these guys are going to tune out in disgust? Count in the homophobia that comes from many fans, and I really don't see an upside to this. And I am not homophobic, I am just examining "Where does this advance the shows?". I have no bias against gays. Some of the best showtunes were written by gays.

When Smackdown went to its first commercial, my brother came in the living room and asked "Are those two giant fags getting married?". I can hear the same sentiment being conveyed by a lot of fans. I just see the angle as needless.

I also feel, with regards to the "Will Test burn the flag? angle, it's either time to do it or drop it. You're not going to maintain any heat merely by teasing it. Given that, as I write this, the US is five days away from marking the anniversary of one of it's darkest hours, maybe it's best to try another tact.


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