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I give this article 3 minutes...
by The NWG on 2002-09-18

Well, I've got a bit of time to kill, so figured I'd write an article...mainly just to keep Dan off my back. Plus he gave me run in his article, so I guess I gotta give the fans at least some more stuff to read.

GLAAD is upset at WWE for what they did last week. Well, I'm shocked and amazed. I thought they would've loved HLA. I think the best part of last week was What'sHisName on the Today Show giving Billy and Chuck a gravy bowl from GLAAD, after the SmackDOWN incident had already been taped *AND* the HLA segment had aired live. Guess the Public Relations people might have dropped the ball on that one.

And really, could the HLA segment end any other way? The only way it could have been more obvious is if Bischoff had a ticker running across the bottom that said "Rosey and Jamal run in coming in: ..."

But man, Bischoff dressing up as the guy doing the ceremony kicked all sorts of ass. Me and two of my friends were watching, and my friend who likes wrestling and I marked out like nuts for Bischoff unmasking. I'd probably have to vote that as one of my major markout moments of all time.

Whatever happened to the WWE cruiserweight division?

After watching Victoria the past couple weeks, isn't it amazing how well female wrestlers can be when they're trained for longer then a couple weeks? Not that I'm mentioning any names *cough*JackieGaydaLindaMiles*cough*.

Am I the only one scared about Bradshaw's push when he comes back?

Won't Starr like it if Manson sticks a bat up his bum?

Am I the only one who wants The Ray to win the Ladies Title?

Anyways, time's up....rack me, I'm out.


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