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New Column -Goldstein's Geshray, A Weekly News/Sports Take For Oct. 1/2002
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-10-02

Welcome to our newest feature, a more wide-ranging view of the events that shape our lives. Along with other special features such as Ask Mr. Wrestling Science and Greatest AWA TV Moments, we hope that this will become a regular read for you all.

ITEM: Prime Minister Chretien accused of legacy-building.

Flashback: In 1986 I was asked by then Manitoba Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs if I would be able to help operate a fundraising dinner that just happened to have, as guest speaker, retired to public life awaiting Prime Minister Mulroney and Liberal leader John Turner self-destruction, Jean Chretien. Of course like any Trudeau Liberal devotee I said yes.

This was full of high-end politicos and the influence of Axworthy and Asper was dwarfed, at least in that environment, by the charisma and honesty of Chretien.

That night I was assigned to tend bar for a few hours, a first for me though I didn't let on. How hard is it to pour wine, right? Oh was the joke on me. Finally someone said, OK take a break, go sit down.

So I went to find the seat wher i had left my jacket. And sitting there, on my damn jacket, holding court for some grande dames of le partie, was the man himself. "Oh, dis is yours, I wuz just keeping it warmforyou."

He sort of lost me for good when he claimed that there was no evidence of talented Canadians going to the US to find careers. When I got my papers, there was 3 groups in line, me and my girlfriend, a Chinese couple of scientists who graduated from the University of Manitoba, and a fireman from Ottawa who was working in San Diego. As we stood there and started talking, GF, a UCLA grad, was stunned by the unfolding sight of expatriate Canadians comparing notes, our common interests like Canada Day on Osborne or Parliment Hill, and Chretien's way of governing. There we were, standing in Mexico waiting for our visa's, and there is the Prime Minister saying we weren't really there for the reasons we were. Sad. Farewell, Jean, and pave some streets on the way out.

ITEM: A study done in China indicates that the death rate from breast cancer, between one group who self-examined and another that didn't, was exactly the same. Therefore, the study says, self-examination is a waste of time, doctors should stop wasting office visits teaching it, and should rely on mamaograms and other exams.

I think there has been some very shoddy reporting here. I saw almost no challenge or analysis of the interpretations of this result. Ask yourselves, have I ever heard or read or known of someone who felt a lump, had it excised and found it malignant?
There are plenty.

I just don't get it. If even ONE woman was saved, why lobby against it? It is easily tought, costs women nothing, free, costs the public nothing, easy to learn, free, easy to do, saves lives and is free. It has saved mothers and sisters and grandmothers ands aunts and daughters for years. Or so we were told.

Am I wrong??

ITEM: Ron MacLean walks from Hockey Night in Canada. Sportscaster wanting to make a decent living start packing for the States.

What a friggin' embarassment the CBC is to our country. Ron MacLean is the best sport host in the country. He is part of the best act on Canadian TV. Don Cherry gets $700,000. Ron was making $400,000 and according to national print reports, had a deal, as his agent Don Meehan went at it with CBC sports honcho Nancy Lee.

Some strange agenda emerged, and the CBC stalled their offer at $500,000. Maclean walked from the dream job of EVERY KID like me, who grows up watching HNIC and knows he wants to be a sportscaster.

OK, one thing I learned in Los Angeles is that A) many American broadcasters suck, and B) many of them make huge money. If the players MacLean covers, these bench riding bums, make millions, if Jim Nantz or anyone like him makes a million USF, if Peter Mansbridge makes $500,000 CF, then how in the world can anyone say, Canada's best host should not be paid, oh, $370,000 USF?

If HNIC replaces Maclean with a women, as strongly rumoured in media circles, as controversial as Cherry would be in that company, MacLean, a total pro (his role at the Olympics was fabulous and made the US coverage seem dull and flat), would be sorely missed and any shortcomings of his replacement, of either gender, will be apparent.

One thing about hosting Hockey Night in Canada. Ward Cornell was compared to his predecessor, Dave Hodge had to measure up to Cornell, Maclean to Hodge.
Men of intelligence and good timing and who asked good questions. Who in CBC's world view compares to those legends?

ITEM last: Upcoming civic elections in Winnipeg and Vancouver should provide some interesting fodder for the next few weeks. The 2 cities are worlds apart. In Winnipeg, on the Prairies, only one prominent gay politician has emerged, former health activist Glen Murray. Mind you, he is the mayor.

To show how I have adjusted from 3 years of going back and forth to the West Coast, I was actually shocked when I was told tonight that NONE of the candidates for Mayor of NOfuncouver were uh, lockermates with Glen.

Anyways the lobby season is upon us and the stuff will soon be slung. Imagine how embarassing it is for Vancouver, losing substantial film business to Winnipeg and then Murray starts planning to make Winnipeg "fun". I can see the new campaign billboards now,
"Winnipeg - the New Vancouver, Vote for Murray.(Whistler not included)".

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