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Finally music for those poor deaf people.
by Derek Smith on 2002-10-13

Imagine hopping into your car and getting ready for a long drive. I know that I, like Gold Earring, am looking for a little radar love, so I turn to the lovely tunes of the FM band. Well that is the approach to the layout of Queens of the Stone Age's latest album Songs for the Deaf. Complete with their friends throughout the rock community posing as DJs, Songs for the Deaf plays like a journey through the dials that is dominated by the self proclaimed Robot Rock.

QOTSA mainly consists of Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, two friends that have played together since they were 12 years old. They pioneered the stoner rock genre with their band Kyuss, but both wish to branch away from that stereotype. On Songs for the Deaf, their third LP, they enlisted the help of Dave Grohl, former drummer for Nirvana and current frontman for the Foo Fighters, as well as Mark Lanegan, frontman for the Screaming Trees. This is the first time that Grohl has played the drums full-time in eight years when Nirvana closed up shop, yet he shows that he's actually improved rather than depreciated over time.

The stutter-stop guitar and bass lines are intoxicantly catchy. After listening for a few moments, you will notice that your body is just bobbing to the beat. The hooks of the chorus are equally catchy, almost lending a pop sensiblity to a few of the tracks. And sticking to the constant changing of the radio dial, each song sounds different from the previous one. "Millionaire" and "Six Shooter" are all out screamfests but both are followed more mellow approaches in "No One Knows" and "The Hanging Tree."

I have purchased a good deal of CDs in the past, but I have never received such a great deal as I did when I picked up my copy of Songs for the Deaf. I paid only $9.99 US and I also received a limited edition DVD of the band with it. I know that there are still copies with the DVD available in my area, but I highly recommend checking this disc out as soon as possible and rocking the radio dials.

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