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The wonton soup of love.
by Dan Titus on 2002-10-22

Man, this sniper stuff in the states is scary shit.

I saw the message they were playing ad nauseaum on CNN, asking the dude to call back. I at least hope he used 1-800Collect. Maybe we'll see him doing commercials with Terry Bradshaw and ALF next.

I mean, I'm sure there have been nights where many of us hid in the bushes, ski mask pulled over our faces, plane ticket in one hand, high powered rifle in the other, waiting for just one clear shot on the son of a bitch who stole the girl of our dreams ten years ago in tenth grade. But,sadly,the laws in many areas tell you that you it's wrong(Charlton Heston would have backed me up. I mean that guy in the bushes).

But in any event, buddy,if you wanna make a habit of killing unarmed people, join the US Military, I'm sure there are plenty of openings for someone with your enthusiasm.

A Florida woman is battling the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease. It's not the treatment that's baffling doctors, it's keeping the woman in the hospital. She thinks she's a helicopter.

Ya get the feeling I'm just trying to avoid talking about the inevitable?

I'll stave it off a little longer. I flipped thru the new WWE Diva's mag on Friday. All it did was bum me out because Ivory is such a rare presence on WWF tv these days.

And the sight of Stacy Keibler in baby doll jammies, with a lollypop and pigtails...damn. All I would need would be to hear her say "daddy" in a little girl voice just once, and....oh, god, I'm even disturbing myself.

Hey, all you readers, how does Cathy Yetman look in pigta....Dan, STOP!

Sigh. I'm gonna have to talk about this....

I would never wanna utilize this column space for bizarre ranting, but here goes..

Does Vince think so little of his audience, that he honestly believes that fucking abortion of a scene is going to so much as draw one dime, let alone plug any holes in a ship sinking so fast it has a parking space already reserved at the bottom of the atlantic ocean?

When you book something that makes (most likely) a large majority of your already dwindling fan base scratch their heads and feel ashamed for watching in the first place, did you ever stop to think MAYBE IT'S THE FUCKING WRONG THING TO BOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE? Appreciate who this is coming from. I wear the word pervert like a badge of honor, and even I was sickened.So what the fuck did the casual viewer think?. When you do something that even your most ardent fans can't defend, ya screwed up.

But where do they go from here? And will anyone care?

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