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Blue Hawaii is Fun in Acapulco.
by Dan Titus on 2002-12-03

Yep, I'm reduced to using Elvis movie titles for subject lines now. But Elvis movies were cool, because it proved that a guy can burst into elaborate musical numbers anytime,anywhere, and for no apparent reason(Other than the Colonel's need to have enough songs to flog off a cheesy soundtrack album.How Elvis went from great tunes like Don't Be cruel and Jailhouse Rock to c-grade trash like Petunia The Gardeners Daughter and Do The Clam, I'll never know, but thank Christ he rescued his career.) So go ahead, next time you are stuck in a checkout line, break out into a song and dance number. The pretty cashier will dig it. It always worked for Elvis in the movies.

Quite a good edition of RAW last night. I'm just happy we got two solid womens matches, featuring Ivory and Jackie, who we don't get to see very often. I don't understand why Victoria didn't do that hot earlicking thing we saw her do on Stacy.

Was anybody under the impression RVD was going to go over on HHH last night? I wasn't either.

But the tag team division has been on fire the last couple of weeks with Jericho and Christian getting fairly long matches with Goldust/Booker and the Dudleys. Maybe someone is finally listening.

I would have liked to see Steiner stay on RAW, just for the purpose of star power, if not electrifying matches.

But they still really have not defined anything tangible the two shows are supposedly battling for. Ya know,the giving the viewer a reason to care thing.

The return of Portland Wrestling to TV in January should prove exciting and welcomed. Portland was such a hotbed of wrestling for a long time, and for one reason or another,dried out. So, folks,an alternative is being presented, take advantage and catch some quality programming. Hopefully, we will have an outlet to see the program in BC at some point. I think fans are dying for something new at this point.

I wonder if Manson is allowed in Oregon yet.

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