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Exclusive: Why Champion Rockford walked out of ASW
by on 2002-12-14

When a champion walks out on a wrestling promotion, it is always news and a cause for concern among the fans and the other performers. In the middle of a big push as heavyweight champion of Vancouver's All Star Wrestling, Rockford left the building prior to a title defence on November 30th. In response, postings on the PNW-based were made by ASW owner/wrestler Fabio, who has aggressively questioned Rockford's reasons and a challenge to a shoot was issued as well. 1) Is it true that you walked out of the All Star Wrestling (ASW) show in Cloverdale BC, on November 30th before appearing to defend your title? What led to that decision?

Rockford: Yes I did, it was the only way my own terms could be in place. I made the decision just one minute before the show was going to start after our finish was changed for the third time. Then they expect you to have a good match. I expressed my views man to man to both (owner/wrestlers) Fabio and Randy Tyler but apparently a ten year veteran has no say.

I figured something was up when they could not look me in the eye about the finish. There was no other way out of a bad booking but to kibosh it myself.

2) What were the booking plans prior to that day ie- coming out of the last show? How did the plans change and were you informed or asked to contribute ideas?

Rockford: The plans were I was supposed to do a program with Tyler till after Xmas which I was happy with. The plans changed three times and I did not get any input whatsoever. Who would want to be involved in that?

3) What commitments were made to you with regards to holding that title?

Rockford: They wanted to develop an extreme baby face. A guy who is over. And that was me, but they wanted to kill the development already it was not the right timing that is for sure. I had just gone over Fabio in a program, including a cage match. Why kill the build for an absentee owner (Tyler)?

4) Was getting the belt a pre-condition of your moving over from ECCW (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling) ?

Rockford: It had nothing to do with ECCW move. It was because I changed my attitude and everytime wanted a good match. I was learning new moves etc. The problem these days is the workers want to do too much I say keep it simple but not many agree.

5) Many people are surprised that any wrestler would have an issue with dropping a title to a promotions owner in the ring. Was there a problem between you and Randy Tyler?

Rockford: I have no problem with anybody, but I have a problem with people who have a problem with me for no reason.So I guess that means I do have a problem with a lot of guys then LOL. I do not have a problem with TYLER but I bet he has a problem with me.

6) What are your observations about the PNW scene in the past 6 months - why are the promotions both struggling?

Rockford: Both All Star Wrestling and Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling are struggling because they are at war. And the whole thing revolves around POWERTRIPS. Owners trying to keep themselves on top all the time. I could sell 100 to 150 tickets before each show but I knew I would get caught in bad booking in either place.

7) What is your on the record opinion of the ASW booking and crew?

Rockford: The problem is they think we are WWEFG or something. The office listens to young punks that give money so they can try to be cool. It isn't wrestling.

8) Rumour is that you were unhappy main eventing cards that used backyarders who sold 40 tickets in the opener. True?

Rockford: Kinda, because those backyarders have no respect at all they think they are better then the main eventers. There is No RESPECT WITH THE YOUNG GUYS today. These guys did so many finishing moves I was curious what they were going to do for a finish, break their necks?

9) Overall what do you think needs to be done to revive fan interest in live wrestling in BC?

Rockford: It would be hard but it would take money to advertise. Look at our pro teams, they struggle in Vancouver. We would need TV again but it would have to be GOOD TV.

10) Fabio has challenged you to a shoot over your alleged comments and walkout. How do you respond? What's next for you?

Rockford: I will not shoot with Fabio over this incident. It would be a bad thing to promote because if a shoot was to happen it would be over in seconds.....some guys have witnessed the Rockfist firsthand. What is in my future? We will have to see what happens. I do love being Rockford. I would probably not go for a title but just have some good matches.

I want to add one thing.

Its to bad the PNW is like one big sandbox. Its like being in elementary school again. Kinda like you can't play in my sandbox anymore. Or my dad is bigger then your dad.........I Just want to have fun.

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