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Oh Elaine, your darling Cedric's here won't you come out tonight?"...
by Dan Titus on 2003-01-28

So, anyone else avoiding Dubya's state of the union address tonight?
Just picture it as one of those opening 30 minute RAW promos but stretched out to about an hour. And whats with all these CNN follow up shows immediately after, featuring a bunch of so called experts who you only see on tv following, well, the state of the union address?. They may be political "experts" but their PR guys must be asleep at the wheel.

In the tradition of breaking stories on this site, I managed to get exclusive commentary from Ahmed Johnson, and the possibility that D'lo Brown is reforming his sworn enemies, the Nation Of Domination:

"Huyesjuunansyw terwuwowppne whnjakakwkw ejena memem ooga booga heheysum,oksksk. Aijdjid wnneicuicu!"

Thank you Ahmed. Can you give me directions to Carnegie Hall?

Last weeks scene involving Stacy Keibler getting stretchered out after a Chris Jericho chairshot had more holes than Dino Bravo's corpse.

Don't have her looking like she belongs on the cover of Allure during a scene like that. She is supposed to look injured, remember? Ya just fired Justin Credible and Raven, so use some of the savings for a decent makeup department. Its like when The Rock was in that huge scene where The NWO smashed the ambulance with the rig, and the Rock returned two weeks later, without a scratch. Maybe his real name was Clark Kent or something, but it looked goofy.

JR and The King did that somber voice thing a little too well, like they had just seen something ghastly and horrible, such as R.Kelly's polaroid collection, or a video of Sweet Daddy D matches.

Stacy may wanna switch deodorants too. She was using the kind that leaves one of those ugly white streaks.

The last two RAW's have ended with Scott Steiner being laid out by HHH and his heel faction. Problem is, Steiner is simply not a sympathetic enough character to make his quest for revenge all that appealing.

Last night night was yet another installment in the Trish/Victoria war, at this point the plans for the next one are to title it "Trish and Victoria meet the Wolfman." Good matches, albeit some what diluted by giving it to us pretty much every week for the last month or so.

If you are 18 or over, be sure to visit Manson's new site which features a great open forum.

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