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Moondog Manson
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Athletic Commissions are no better then Iraq
by Moondog Manson on 2003-02-18

There has always been the attitude from the US government that their shit don't stink. It doesn't matter if it is the President of the United States or some Roadie for the Athletic Commissions. Now I am not saying all Government officials are like this, but a high majority are. It almost appears that it is an unwritten rule. The American people them selves are fine people, but just as most countries Governments are corrupt to a degree the US Government through time has been one of the worst. I could be wrong but last time I checked the US in the past 50 years have been guilty of an Illegal war and segregation of Black Americans from the White population. Though Iraq I am sure is guilty of far worse actions, The US is not far behind.

Now before you go off thinking this is nothing more then another Political Statement by yet another person, I assure you this is not. In fact this is a statement about how we as wrestlers and wrestling Fans need to make a stand against the Corruptions of the Athletic Commissions not only in the states but across North America.

After reading an interview in "ring around the northwest" with Ed Moretti I was sickened to my stomach. Now before you say "Happy to have you on the Hate Moretti Bandwagon Manson", I would like to say I think you all are morons.

The majority of you who think laying down and playing dead will get the commissions to play better are all just crazy. You need to voice your opinions, voice them loud and if that don't work get Physical. I have learned a few things through the years, one of them being if you strike fear into people they back right off. What Ed was doing according to his interview would of worked, but the flaw in it was none of the boys would back him up. Had you all backed him up, the Commission would of scattered with their tails tucked between their legs.

Through my years on the planet I have seen some very scary things, some of these things were eye openers. I remember witnessing these police officers harassing some bikers outside of a nightclub about the noise their bikes were producing. Well when the main biker had about enough, he started poking the cop in the chest. He said to the cop "who the fuck do you think you are" then informed the cops that they had more firepower then the cops ever will have. Now I know what you are saying, wow the cops must of arrested them fast, NO. what happened was the cops got in their cars fast and left. They then grew some balls the next day and informed the manager of the nightclub not to let the bikers in any more.

This brings me to my next event involving me and a friend. I was drinking in a nightclub one night and they informed me my buddy was getting arrested outside. Well I can assure you I had to much to drink to walk home, but I ran down the stairs and started watching them harass my friend about his car, claiming it is stolen. STOLEN is the cops new word for the car you legally own. I am standing behind these two girls and a cop walks over and informs us all to leave and go up the street. The girls left but I immediately "NO, not while you are harassing my friend, I am staying to make sure he is OK". The cop gets a cocky look on his face and says "It looks like some ones too drunk to be on the streets, which gets a huge "EXCUSE ME" response out of me. That I swear was the quickest I have ever sobered up in my life. Well to cut a long story short after asking for my ID and getting it back in2 minutes they let me stand where ever the fuck I felt like standing. In fact my friend then joined me as we told the cops how to do their job searching the car. After playing the waiting game the cops slowly started to thin out from 6 and 6 cars to 2 cops and 2 cars. The officers were so sick of us they kept their backs to us until they turned around and apologized to him for the misunderstandment.

Now I am not suggesting you go out and get in the commissions face, but if we all make a stand they can't go out like they normally do and enforce unlawful rules on us creating the down fall of pro wrestling.

You see the Government has this other unwritten rule "Have no interest in some thing unless we have some thing to gain from it". It doesn't matter if it is invading a country to protect the oil or shutting down a WB wrestling show to get license fees, they are in the wrong and need to be stopped.

I remember a long time ago Wrestling on a show in Nanaimo BC. The Commissioner Merv Unger showed up. Up until this point I never even knew the commissioner existed. As I recall he used to ref out in Winnipeg. After the show we just talked about this and that. He came down because a local backyard federation had been (in the wrestlers eyes) a big stink about wanting to do shows in the same building ECCW has in the past and was doing so that night I wrestled. Merv said things such as Nut shots are illegal, but hey as long as they are used from time to time behind the refs back it is ok. See I don't know a heck of a lot about Merv Unger but what I saw was a man who was trying to preserve wrestling as the way it should be. Two fierce men fighting for good and evil. Unfortunately most Commissioners are not like this.

We have to choices. First off would be for all Wrestling and Boxer promotions not to run at all until the government decides since their is not groups running there is no need for a Commission, but this is no good for any of us. The other and the best course of action is to stand up and fight for what you want and need. Any Wrestler or Promoter being suspended for doing some thing not wrong is some one the Government has wronged, and in the end wronged the Fan.

I say if George W. Bush wants to fight a war so badly send troops into Oregon and free the oppressed Wrestlers and Fan and give us the freedom we deserve before we have to take up the fight ourselves.

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