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TOD BULLET Commentary: Why I Turned Down the RCW Booking Job - Again
by on 2003-03-20

"I have no use for the current state of the wrestling business".

I hate to apply gimmick infringement but that one line echos my feelings about the wrestling industry, or at least parts of it. Moondog Manson came up with the line.

I know I've said this countless times but back in 1992, when I was breaking into the business, it was not an easy thing to do. It was not a "pay your money and we'll take anybody" sport.

Somewhere in the last few years greedy promoters, whether it be financially or ego driven, decided to change the rules and opened the flood gates to anyone to calling themselves a wrestler. In the last little while, I've seen many climb into the ring who should have never made it out of the first row.

Back when I was first starting out, there was this thing called "paying your dues". Rule number one was "keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth SHUT". To quote an RCW valet who spends a good part of her life posting on the forum board, " I'm still training, therefore I will not shut my mouth". That statement alone would have gotten you beaten out of the business in 1992.

Respect was always shown to the veterans in the locker room...and when I say veteran, I mean guys who can truly call themselves just that. Not guys who have just hung around change rooms and still haven't figured out that taking a bath is a good thing.

I started out late in this business. I took my first bump at 28 and had my first match at 29. The match,(as bad as it was), came after five months of training and by training I mean three hours a day, twice a week...for five months, over 100 hours, before I was given the privilege of having my FIRST match.

Now I'm no world traveler by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to the wrestling business, but I do think that I've learned a few things over the years. When I had gone back to book for RCW, one of my goals was to try and help what I have lovingely labeled the "young and the useless". After countless attempts I concluded that some people are just beyond help.

I think the final nail came at one show at the Norquay Community Center when someone had asked for my advice. I was very honest and told him that I didn't like to give advice anymore based on the fact that if you don't tell them what they want to hear...they don't listen. However, I made an exception and answered his questions, gave advice and as I suspected...he didn't listen.

Personal issues have kept me quite busy the last few months but to be brutally
honest...I can't stand stupidity. To be young and inexperienced is one thing but plain stupidity is another.

I was recently asked to return to RCW to book the Norquay venue...I respectfully declined.

Tod Bullet

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