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TOD BULLET: "I'm fed up with stupidity"
by on 2003-04-07

A Commentary by Tod Bullet

I'm fed up with stupidity.

Each day I take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to surf the Net in an effort to see what's new on the local wrestling scene. Each and every day, some people's stupidity amazes me.

First off RCW owner Wayne Stanton has gotten a lot of heat over the much talked about "young girls" tag team match, and had decided to drag me into the mess with him by saying that it was my idea to get the girls into the ring.

Now to set the record straight, when I was writing the show at RCW, I booked the girls first in a cat fight and second in a pillow fight. Both situations were very safe for them and not beyond their limits.

To put them into a tag team
"wrestling" match is in my opinion beyond what they are capable of doing and secondly very dangerous.

Something I would not have been a part of. I believe you should learn to walk before you run. Now if Wayne wants to get on the Net bragging about how
"EVERYONE" was talking about it...then that's fine, but his bragging comes at a price...the safety of four young girls.

Next on to Sugar Shane.

Never in my eleven years in and around the business have I seen such utter stupidity at it's highest. He seemed like a nice kid when I met him but week after week his postings on the Central Canadian forum just amaze me. To pinpoint the bullseye of my rambling I'm talking about his post regarding another wrestlers personal life and accusations that this individual was after his wife. Now whether it's true or not is of no concern to me...or anyone else for that matter.

To drag personal life and private situations on to a public forum is a disgrace to the business, not to mention disrespectful. Now if I can offer some much needed advice to this youngster...shut your mouth, stay off the forums until you have something of value to say and leave personal shit where it belongs - behind closed doors.

I end my rant over at camp CWF and to be more specific...owner and hero to many...Ernie Todd. Recently I read on the CWF web site how's he's pissed that somemore of his roster has headed off to graze on different pastures. The poor promoter gets screwed ...
again ...please, let's cut the crap on this worn out line. I've said it before and I'll say it again - "if a promoter get screwed by a worker walking out on him... don't take him back" ! If he knows the door is open for him to later return, he'll screw you over again and again. So if you get screwed and you take him back and he screws you again's your own fault, so don't bitch later.

Where is local wrestling headed in the coming years? This and many other questions answered in next weeks column, so stayed tuned...same Moondog time...same Moondog channel.

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