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TOD BULLET: These are the facts...
by on 2003-05-09

"History is in the Eyes of the Journalist"

What I do may not be considered award winning journalism. I certainly do not make it my occupation, however, I do write and edit these columns, thus it is a form of just that, journalism.

History, be it war, peace or what ever the subject, is writen by those who choose to record it. My subject of choice just so happens to be wrestling.

As I sit with coffee in hand and a head-ache that never seems to go away, I do my best to keep account of what ever seems topical to me at the time. I make an on-going effort to be as accurate and fair as humanly possible. If one's writings become one sided then history becomes not only in the eye of the beholder, but falsely recorded.

That said, here are the facts...

Third party insurance has made an impact on the local wrestling business. Most wrestling promotions have had to move from the community clubs to the bars in order to circumvent the system.

That is a fact.

Ernie Todd, whether the topic be good, bad or ugly, has managed to keep the CWF afloat for the last seven years.

That is a fact.

When it comes to RCW, I may not agree with the way things are done there but it does keep people wondering.

That is a fact.

Although I've never been to one show, PCW continues to entertain those who frequent the Strat each and every week, when a lot of people claimed they were dead in the water without the financial backing of a millionaire.

That is a fact.

NHB also continues to entertain the fans with the shows they promote and although they don't do much in providing a source of work for the local guys (and have never claimed that they do), they still plug along.

These are all facts based on the most accurate description that I can possibly achieve. It may not be ground-breaking history that anyone will care to read ten or twenty years from now...

but that is up to the reader, not the writer.

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