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The Hindenburg, The Titanic, and WWE...
by The NWG on 2003-05-21

Well, after finally being unable to put up with Titus leaving message after message asking when I would write another article, here we go.


Well, I headed to the theater to watch Judgment Day, figuring it would be the worst pay per view ever. And while it was pretty bad, it wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought it would be.

I was partially entertained by the stretcher match, if only for the ugly clothesline bump that Lesnar ended up taking, Rey Rey showing up, and the forklift stretcher. Unfortunatly, it wasn't good enough to keep Big Slow off SmackDOWN for a while.

The Ladder Match was fun, as was all 5 minutes of the six man tag. The women's match wasn't horrible, especially thanks to Trish dying on that bump to the floor.

Of course, there was still the horrible La Resistance/Roids and HHH/Nash matches to worry about. Luckily for us, The Game will crush Nash at Bad Blood and move on to other crush.


The crowd reaction to the end of Spike vs. Mack scared me. Hopefully they realize the reaction was due to Spike, and not due to the overpowering heel charisma of Mack.

And did anyone else notice how Theodore Long was whining about the ref slow counting when Spike was getting pins? I remember a federation where the talent would make slipups like that. Now, what was it's name...


Hopefully SmackDOWN can be saved by the young talent they still have. The Kendrick/Cena feud could be fun, if they don't stick them with a 4 or 5 minute blowoff match on the SD PPV. Of course, we'll probably be lucky if they both are still healthy in time for that pay per view.


I'm still waiting for the thining of the crop in the PNW feds. 4 feds combining to run 1 show this month? That doesn't sound very good.


I was hoping Dan would post an article and comment on Annika (or as some of us have heard her jokingly referred to, "Mannika") playing golf this weekend.

It's doing what it meant to do...generate interest for this tournament. But I figure she'll miss the cut by at least 6, and then we can move on to the next women playing in her one tournament. I just hope this doesn't lead to Martha Burke showing up again.


So now the owners and players in the NHL are worried that the negotiations may last 1 or 2 full seasons, or longer? I'm sure that's EXACTLY what the league needs to maintain it's slight lead over the Arena Football League and the X Games in sports fans eyes.

Oh well, at least they'll stay ahead of Slamball...


Well, I'm out of ideas for now. Until Dan bugs me enough to get me to write again....

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