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Time for a guest appearance.
by Dan Titus on 2003-07-02

Ya know what, I decided to write an article today. But I missed this weeks RAW. So fuck it. I'm gonna interview a girl who brings us the priceless gift of entertainment. Besides, every great show has guest stars. William Shatner is up next week.

Dan: So Salina, give us the easy stuff first, where ya live, all that stuff.

Salina: Well I am a Canadian girl born and raised! I love having lots of fun and teasing people as well

Dan: Now lets get to the good stuff. When you shop for a cucumber, are you a size or texture kind of girl?. Have you ever found one big enough it made men obsolete for a short time?

Salina: Well when I shop for cucumbers I do like the texture I think that matters and the thickness of it also.I have found many big ones but men could never be obsolete in my mind,I like them to much

Dan: Whats gonna happen when Cukes and carrots get boring, are you up to being challenged by a pumpkin?

Salina: Oh my god a pumpkin well only if it turns into prince charming

Dan: You told me you're actually a shy girl, yet posing for an adult site. Has this helped overcome your shyness in social situations?

Salina: Yes I actually have always been a shy girl,I have a hard time talking to and meeting new people.I was so afraid to pose on the net but another part of me wanted to show off.Well here I am now and I am not at all shy anymore (on the net anyways).

Dan: Q:Lets test your knowledge of math:
Given an ordinary differential field, F, with derivation,
D, let z be an element with Dz = P(z) where P is a
polynomial of degree N in z over F. I would like to
prove that there exist rational functions, E1(z) and
E2(z), over F, or some Picard-Vessiot extension of F,
and to find them if they exist, and another
variable, v,
such that (Dv/v)^2 - E1(z)*(Dv/v) + E2(z) = 0, and such
that v lies in a Picard-Vessiot extension of F.

Any help with this question will be appreciated.
I just tried this a few days ago, but have gotten only
even more complicated differential equations than with
which I started. I spent a year, back in 1992, on just the problem of solving Dz = P(z) when P is degree 3. Then I
put this problem aside until this year. I got
a particular case of it this spring but have spent all
summer since I got back from Florida trying everything
on the general case.

Salina: I am the last person you want to ask about math problems math to me is like asking why is the sky blue,I still search for an answer to that one,LOL.

Dan: What do you look for in a man, and do I have any shot at all?

Salina: Hmm what do I look for in a man well he has to have a great personality and great sense of humour.I am also a sucker for a great but or a man in a suit.Most important he has to make me laugh.
Do you have a shot Dan,well can ya make me laugh??

Dan: Advertisement time. Explain a little about what to expect on the site to prospective visitors out there?

Salina: My site well I have many pictures of me getting naughty(closeups as well),I have some video clips and I also do live webcam.The part I like most in the live webcam it is a great time for all I get to chat with people while they are watching me on webcam such a turn on.

Dan: What do you look for in a woman, and for the benefit of journalistic integrity, how about sharing details of your first time with a chick? Everyone wants to know. Be graphic if need be.Sharing is good.

Salina: What do I look for in a woman well they have to be hot and I love boobs,I love nice big perky nipples that really gets me going.Women are so beautiful it is no wonder there are so many that are bi.
My first time with a woman well actually it was with a friend of mine we both happened to be curious about it and decided to experiment with each other.We had gone to get our tongues pierced together and we both joked wondering how it would feel flicking against our clits .Once they healed up we had gone out to the bar and had a few to many drinks,we had come back to my place and started feeling each other up.Lets just say it was a really good experience for both of us .

Dan: What are your tips for making a man desire you?

Salina: Well that is kind of a tricky question,hehe.Well first I start off with lots of cleavage and leg then I do like to tease and taunt them.I figure if you can make a guy hard then he will desire you!

Dan: What is your best feature?

Salina: Hmm my best feature in my opinion would be my boobs,I do hope ya meant physical feature.

Dan: What are favorite sex toys, and do you have cute little names for them?

Salina: Wow favourite sex toys I have a few of them my pocket rocket,my double ended dildo and my jelly vibrating but plug.I don't actually have names for them unless you call Oh God and F*** names

Dan:If you could have a dinner party with any five people, living or dead who would they be, and I get invited too,right?

Salina: Well of course you would be invited Dan now for the other 4 well I would invite my "good friends" over (not naming names) that way we could skip dinner and get right to the dessert,hehe.

Remember, you can catch Salina at

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