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Moondog Manson
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2003 to be a violent year
by Moondog Manson on 2003-07-15

Well it honestly seems like it has been a year since I was what you could consider being active. I have spent the past years working my ass off on projects in the adult world, living life in the fast lane, and definitely creating a web of self destruction.

I have been sitting here for the past several years bitter at the wrestling business. It was some thing I once loved. So many politics, back stabbing, wannabe tough guys, and nobodies. It is hardly an environment a normal person would want to be in.

Well over the past month some people had noticed some extreme changes in my behavior. I wasnít easy to deal with but as a few people said to me they were expecting there to be a huge change in my life. All I do is work and party, deal with crazy sluts, do drugs, and definitely drink too much. I met some one about a week ago and some how she has managed to change my entire out look on life in just a few days. No she isnít my girlfriend, in fact if I were to call her any thing I would almost label her as my best friend.

It is funny how things work out. One moment every things clear and the next it is all fuzzy. I am not a man who is easily controlled, but when you are the one in control of your self and have been acting out of control you tend to lose sight on what you value.

I basically went into retirement 9 months ago only coming out to fill in on shows because as much as I hate being around the business part of me couldnít stay away. In that 9 months all the shows I have worked still put me in important roles, and unless I am mistaken that means I still have some drawing power. I can honestly say I have worked in the Main Event in 4 promotions in the past 9 months in BC. Why havenít I been trying to capitalize on this?

Well with my self destructive behavior I was doing what I thought was fun and letting the good things in my life upset me and anger me. Do I really care if some mark got trained and doesnít respect the business? Nope not really, just means if he ever gets booked in the ring with me he is due a stretching. Do I care if my angles get squashed all the time to accommodate other wrestlers? Nope because when the dust settles I am being put in some other important angle as a replacement guy.

I donít need titles, I donít need wins, and I donít even need angles. I do how ever need the chance to prove who I am, who I always have been, and what I can and will do in the future.

I sat down and watched wrestling this week on TV, chuckled and wanted to see more. This is the first time in 3 years I made sure I tuned into Raw. I feel like the Mark in me has been reborn.

I have bookings lined up well in advanced for a change, I am even considering going out and getting a new barbwire bat. I feel that thirst for blood, pain, and violence. Will I ever be one of the top wrestlers? Hardly, but I am sure going to kick a lot of heads in and be true to my self from now on. Now I think it is time I head to bed, think of all those plans I had for the business and stop side tracking and get them done.

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