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Journal 4
by Tony Kozina on 1999-09-02

It's been another successful tour. I met alot of people, and saw alot of incredible things. I debuted for both The Bad Boys of Wrestling in Montana, and Can-Am Wrestling in Alberta, Canada. I experienced nothing but positive vibes from both companies, and hope to wrestle for both again soon. With that said, let's move on to the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of being on the road...There's something special that happens to people who are crammed in a small car for up to 14 hours at a time. We started out with the usual conversations about what's going on in the wrestling world today, which led to discussions about favorite matches from years past, best wrestlers, blah, blah, blah...Now somewhere between Spokane, and Missoula we entered the twilight zone. Some of us broke out in our best Howard Finkle impersonations, announcing the lost, but not forgotten matches of yesteryear, complete with guest ring announcer, guest time keeper, and special celebrity to sing America the beautiful. Eventually it escalated into Dusty Rhodes commentary impersonations which had us going "to da paywinda" for everything from gassing the car, to eating at a local resturant. "If ya wanna eat, then babay ya gotta go to da paywinda" Needless to say, when we did get our PO's each night, we broke out in Dusty mode about "goin' to da paywinda". ...Someone needs to inform the good folks with the Montana highway department that when they put a highway route on the map, I believe it's supposed to mean that the highway is completed. As we're driving on route 6 or 16, heading to the Canadian border we come across at least 5 miles of uncompleted highway, and are forced onto some kind of crazy dirt road....Coming back to Regina from Moose Jaw, we witnessed the coolest lightning that i've ever seen. It's all flat land out there, and lightning was flashing all over in the distance, up close, to the west, to the north, etc. And the flashes we going off once every 10 seconds or so. Words really can't describe it. Upon entering Edmonton we were treated to a neat display of the northern lights which was really cool. On our day off we ventured to the West Edmonton Mall. That place is unbelievably huge!!! One afternoon was not nearly enough time to take that place in. I watched a fantastic match between Keith Hart and Gemini that night. It was really impressive. I also got a chance to catch up with Lenny St. Clair, who I hadn't seen in almost a year. He may be coming back to the PNW area, which would be really cool. After over one week on the road, we finally came back to British Columbia for four nights with ECCW/NWA-PNW, and I was greeted to someone busting out my car window as I napped in my hotel room. Oh well... It was so hot those last four days, I thought I was gonna drop dead. By Monday I was so ready to head home, that I totally forgot to say good-bye to all my friends. I woke up, asked who was coming to Vancouver w/ me, jumped in the car and left. Then my car broke down... So for anyone who may have been pissed that I left without a handshake, or high five, perhaps this will bring you a little joy. Oh well... At least it happened on the way home, and not on our way to another show. Actually, the fine people in Merritt figured out that all it was was a broken wire, and sent me on my way in no time at all. So I drove, and drove, and drove, and gassed up my car, and drove some more, dropped the fellas off in Vancouver, and drove, and drove--all with no passenger window mind you... It was a bit nipply, but I wrapped a blanket around my carcass, and was just fine. So now things will slow down for a bit until mid-september. Damn, I re-read this story, and there's still so much to talk about from that trip. Maybe i'll drop in and go into detail about one of the silly events on the road.

So until then "this is da Dream, babay, tellin' ya watch dat plunder, and keep on clubberin' cus dat's how ya get to da paywinda!!!"

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