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Journal 13
by Tony Kozina on 2000-08-17

Greetings to all. This summer has been alot of fun with many activities for me both in the ring and out.

I took the family to see KISS which was an incredible event. Very expensive, but an incredible event. We did the face paint thing too which our six year old, Jack really enjoyed. It kinda spooked her though because once we got to the Rose Garden for the show, people would come up to us wanting high fives, etc. because we were dressed up and it threw her for a loop. Not to mention the tens of others in costume as well. She just didn't know what to think about it all.

Had one of those memorable ECCW events in Prince George. The crowd was down because of RockFest and someone jokingly suggested that we stay at the Roll-a-dome overnight to cut costs. Well, what started as a joke turned into one of those ECCW summer camp nights as indeed we set up camp in the Roll-a-dome. As if by magic, out came the cigars, the rum, and I stood up and declared that "ROLLER SKATES MUST BE WORN BY ALL!!!" Can you imagine the insanity?? We even shot "midnight promos" on the payphone for each other. What are midnight promos you ask?? I'll explain that at another time but it will only confirm the theory that part of me never developed past the sixth grade- and i'm not talking about the don-da-linger either...

Anyways getting a little more serious for a change. I have started the ECCW's House of Pain in Portland which has started off with a bang. Alot of people have shown interest in training with me which is a nice surprise. We train out at Tito's gym in Hillsboro, Oregon which is a nice facility with a great ring. Hopefully there will be some exciting additions to the ECCW/NWA roster next spring as ECCW coninues it's expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I've had alot of emails sent to me concering my title loss to Rockford 2000 in Surrey, BC. It was surprising to see just how much folks are paying attention out there. I've also learned that there is ALOT of people who really dislike Rockford because the language in some of these emails and forum posts gets very colorful at times. Looks like he's doing his job...

I do hope to get a series of re-matches. In fact I have two title shots coming up at the end of August but that's all that I know of. The wrestling schedule will be picking up quite a bit as the fall season approaches. ECCW management has announced plans for Northern Hell Tour 3 for October 2000. I hope to be a part of that. There is always chaos during NHT and it's a gut check both physically and mentally. This past spring for example, there were two or three nights where we drove through the night to the next show. That friends takes a mean toll on the body. Then at the end of the tour we got stranded in Chetwynd, BC for three days because the van needed new brakes. I was glad however because it gave me a chance to catch up on the sleep that I desparately needed.

The van... now that's a topic I could go on for hours about. But I'll save it for another time...

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