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Journal 15
by Tony Kozina on 2001-01-31

Happy new years to all. It seems that it gets longer and longer between writings, but I assure you I have good excuses. The holidays were very fun- lots of presents and a few trips to Mt. Hood for some sledding excitement with the family!!! Of course with the winter season brings the slowing of my wrestling schedule, so there hasn't been too terribly much traveling or wrestling lately, but I did take the time to make as many contacts as I could. One of the great things that turned out from this is my involvement in the 2001 ECWA Super 8 tournament. The tournament is set for Feb. 24th in Wilmington, Delaware and it sounds like it should be an incredible event. I've had a few opportunities to talk with ECWA promoter Jim Kettner and he comes across as a guy who knows what he's doing. I predict a very memorable weekend and dare I say- a Super 8 tournament win...

This past weekend had it's share of good and bad. I finally went back on the road wrestling in Surrey in what I felt as a fantastic match against Chance Beckett and Disco Fury in a triple threat match. I also had the privilege of wrestling Christopher Daniels who is as good a wrestler as they say- actually better. Hopefully he gets a chance in WCW in the near future because everyone will be in for some really creative, entertaining matches. The bad news of the weekend was that one of our ECCW brothers, Havoc suffered a broken femur in his match. We all went to the hospital after the show to see how everything was. Everyone was hoping that it was only a dislocation, but the x-rays unfortunately showed otherwise. Now the question is will Havoc be able to return to the ring? Of course since this just happened less than one week ago everything is still up in the air. ECCW is already planning a benefit show for Havoc and his family to help with the medical expenses. I have my fingers crossed with the hopes that he makes a full recovery and can return to the ring.

If there was anything positive to come out of that evening it was seeing all the wrestlers in the emergency room waiting to hear about Havoc. I've often said that the crew in ECCW are like brothers and this was shining proof. Everyone was concerned about the situation and very supportive to Havoc and his family. It was a good feeling to be associated with people like that.

Well, i'd better head out of here for now. For those of you interested I have a new t-shirt out. I should have the graphic up on the website before too long. It's has designs on both the front and back. Okay then...until next time- OH MY GOD, Peter Criss left KISS... well.. that does it for rock-n-roll....

Maybe it's time I start thinking about cutting this hair of mine, getting a desk job, and being a productive member of society for once...sigh.....not a chance :)


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