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The Epitaph
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-16

This weeks edition of the epitaph is the third installment of the conspiracy theory series. We will look at what has lead to the recent push by Chris Jericho, what has taken so long and what may have prevented it from initially happening.

Since his debut in the the World Wrestling Federation in the summer of '99, Chris Jericho has always had the word potential attached to his name. His rise to fame was a result of his success in WCW. In WCW, he became recognized for his talent both the ring and on the mic. This charisma though, must have bothered a few of his locker room co-workers. A certain few athletes in particular come to mind, as they prevented him from moving up in the ranks.

There were wide spread internet rumours that surfaced regarding Jericho's push, and the person in question who was responsible for it. Kevin Nash, who was believed to have been the person in question is the one accussed. This arguement of Jericho's lack of push in the company could be a result of a couple of reasons.

Was it his MOUTH?

For any fan that has heard Chris Jericho talk off the record he is very candid. Jericho, is fearless in both what he says and how he approaches every question asked of him. In fact I saw him interviewed about a month ago regarding the current state of monopoly that has taken place in pro wrestling and he said exactly what he felt. This can be taken one of two ways. Jericho may have still been in character at the time of the interview because it helps to people believe that he is actually this way, or not. He may have genuinely felt this way. If this was the approach he had in WCW it may have rubbed people the wrong way.

Did he pay his dues?

In may wrestling circles today, the old guard of wrestling is very apprehensive about giving up their main event status. In the case of Jericho was it because people like Nash felt he was not deserving enough even though he had been trained by the Hart family and his credentials in both Japan and ECW stood for themselves. Jericho competed in argubly the toughest company in North America in ECW in the early 1990's. When it came to athletes who take more chances then anyone in the other big 2, ECW was the company. Jericho and his colleagues worked their just to show how much they WANT IT!! As we examine this a little closer this just seems a little to odd for my liking.

Was it his character?

This may seem to be the silliest argument but give it a chance. The comedy act of Jericho's in WCW may have bothered some of the other men in the company because, it looked as though fans were taking to it. He took ideas like the "loophole gimmick" and the creation of the "Ralphous character" and fans just ate it up. He was not just a passive face that was a "rah rah" kind of guy that would slap the hands of the fans as he went down the isle. Jericho was a heel that was cheered because he had attitude and people could relate. Were people like Nash jealous that they never thought of it? I know it was not as creative as the catch phrase "big sexy's in the houseeeeeeeee" but I think it was still pretty good.

Was there a six degrees of seperation here?

Now readers may believe this to be pretty far fetched but I look at coincidence among athletes and feel that there is one common trait between them. Brett Hart has gone on record as saying that he did not like Shawn Micheals as a person. Shawn as many know is a part of the "clique" with Kevin Nash. Jericho was trained by the Hart family. The arguement here is that Nash could have been taking out any frustration Shawn had with Brett on Chris, simply for who Jericho had tides to.

As Chris Jericho left WCW for the greener pastures in the WWF trouble seemed to follow. When Jericho's "Y2J" persona made it's debut, it took center stage and this may have ruffled a few feathers in the company. One person that this may have effected was Triple H. Hunter was shooting for main event status when Jericho burst onto the scene. To many this may have simply bothered them and they would contiue to work hard at what they were doing but Hunter had friends in other places that would influence his attitude. Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Triple H were among the members of the "clique" and this may have effected Chris' chances for advancement in the WWF.

Could Chris' relationship with Nash now have filtered into the WWF with Triple H?

Well the answer to this is yes and no I think. I say Triple H is someone that needs to use something against someone to advance he has skill on his own and made it where he is today based on work alone. I do believe problems followed Chris though in different circles though. Triple H, had a problem with Chris' stiff work in the ring and his reputation for hurting other athletes. In Chris's defense he was trained a certain way so in order to take bumps and not work as stiff in the WWF he needed to be trained. The problems excelled between Chris and Hunter when it was believed when Hunter was not pleased with how Jericho was working with Chyna. After Chyna had undergone all her plastic surgery, certain bones were more sensitive to being injured then others. Hunter got word of this and let Chris know how he felt.

Irony in circles...

Chris is now receiving more and more television time and more of an opportunity to perform in the main event. Now there is no Triple H and Chris has moved into his spot in the company. Chris has held the european, intercontinental, heavyweight title and tag team championship however has never had the opportunity to maintain his success in the company. He is on his way though despite the obstacles...

Marcus Madison...Conspiring through the madness.

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