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MPPVDP: Armageddon
by Marcus Madison on 2002-12-15

It's that special time again, time to put the children to bed and let your PPV thoughts do the walking. Once again Adam Karabel the Krispy Kreme to my Tim Horton's donuts and I are back to give you our spin one what to look forward, what not to look forwa...[More]

Ernie Todd & EZ Ryder: The Truth
by on 2002-12-14

Question ONE: Is Ernie an example of a mark promoter?

Well, what would you call a guy who centers nearly the whole show around his character? Let's see, the main heel group is his group, he does most off, if not all of the talking. Every...[More]

Exclusive: Why Champion Rockford walked out of ASW
by on 2002-12-14

When a champion walks out on a wrestling promotion, it is always news and a cause for concern among the fans and the other performers. In the middle of a big push as heavyweight champion of Vancouver's All Star Wrestling, Rockford left the building prior ...[More]

The day I became a Wrestler
by Adam Knight on 2002-12-07

(Adam Knight contributes the following personal tale of how in training, the business separates those who can from those who can't by testing their resolve and commitment. Adam takes the time to contribute thoughtful columns about his experiences in wrest...[More]

Blue Hawaii is Fun in Acapulco.
by Dan Titus on 2002-12-03

Yep, I'm reduced to using Elvis movie titles for subject lines now. But Elvis movies were cool, because it proved that a guy can burst into elaborate musical numbers anytime,anywhere, and for no apparent reason(Other than the Colonel's need to have enough...[More]

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Quotes from the boys: Moondog Manson says "Leatherface is by far the sickest man I have ever met in the ring, the moment he hits you in the head with that steal chair you here a creepy laugh come from under that hood.".
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