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The Epitaph
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-23

This weeks ediiton of the epitaph is a look at the invasion angle and what has taken place and where it is headed. At this point, fans can make their own assessments of what has taken place in the calamity that is pro wrestling.

That angle that has taken over the headlines is the INVASION...Over the past three monthes the WWF has hinted of a potential take over by a rival company. WCW which is operated under the umbrella of WWFE, has been taken a hit and run attitude over how it was going to be seen. This is evident through it's many athletes that have been shown on television.

The Inital Run In....

Lance Storm, a former U.S heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and WCW hardcore champion made his debut on RAW a couple of monthes ago. Storm, interferred in a match between Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn as everyone could recall by superkicking Saturn and running out in the crowd. Lance was met by Shane after the match in Calgary and drove off in WCW1.

The initial run in by WCW can be taken one of two ways. A run in is always going to make the fans stand up an take notice no matter who is the one committing the act. In this case it was a know "enemy", a person from another company. Since it was Lance and the show took place in Alberta, then it was met with resounding pops from the crowd.

If I was to look at this run in from the devil's advocate within I would say it was "weak". The run in, and run out from the crowd just screams of the antics of the nWo. The lights going out on the crowd and a layed out Dean and Perry may have added a touch of mistery but if they layed their bathed in the WCW logo then it would lead the fans on.

No Laughing Matter...

The second hit and run incident involved Hugh Morris. His move is incredible when he lands it effectively but the way he finished the move left something to be desired. Hugh is a terrific athlete and is an effective worker in the ring and on the mic. The only concern I had was that if he lands the moonsault wrong he could injure someone, in this case Christian. The way the logo just popped onto the screen and he hit the no laughing matter and ran out of the ring just seemed to move to quickly.

Ms. Hancock...

This incident was all about the introduction of the women of WCW. Stacey Keibler, walked to the ring with Shane and made herself known to Rhyno by showing off both her assests and her charms costing him the hardcore title to Test. Keibler, whose greatest asset has to be her legs was able to walk the walk that so many women in the company have done before. This introduction did nothting to hurt their cause be it did nothing to help it either.

Can you dig it???

Booker, Booker, Booker. Is there really anything more to say about the WCW world heavyweight champion? He made his debut at the King of the Ring, then once again the next night on Raw and finally a third time on Smackdown attacking Stone Cold. The outside interferance buy Booker makes him look like a cheap shot artist. His only way to attack is to hit and run. What credibility does he have then if attacks Austin from behind?

Since he is introduced as the main piece of the WCW puzzle it is obvious he will receive a great push by the company. Booker has remained a very important part part of WCW for many years whether as a tag team champion with his brother Stevie Ray or alone. His athletic ability alone stands for itself.


These words echoed out of the one and only Diamond Dallas Page. A former WCW Heavyweight, Tag team, and U.S heavyweight champion has already been thrown into an angle all his own and not that of the invasion. The "Sara's Stalker" angle with himself and the Undertaker was good but did not have enough suspense for my likeing. I think they could have played with the idea a little more like they did of the "higher power" angle. Page, makes a good heel but needs to keep it up or else he will not be taken seriously. He also needs to finish the Diamond Cutter better than he has.


Mike Awesome, the hardcore champion. The idea is not far fetched just check out when Tazz, Raven, Al Snow, Perry Saturn, and Rhyno all entered the company what belt did they hold? In fact the irony of them coming from the same company is also quite coincidental.

Regardless, the debut of Awesome was well done. Talk about making an impact on your competition. Mike, came destroyed and left. All business and intensity.. Now if we can stay away from the "70's guy gimmick" then we have a winner in Awesome. He is not Canadian, either he is "Mean" Mike and he needs to take over the way everyone in ECW knows he can.

There is something about Torrie...

Torrie Wilson, made her debut on Smackdown and did not disappoint. Although she never actually was ever in the ring it didn't really matter. Her segment with Vince was hilarious. Her flirtaous ways, made many of the male viewers melt. I do not really know what role she will have. Maybe a spy? a feud with Trish? will introduce a new catfighting division..that's an idea. Allow a few more episodes to take place before anyone can be the judge.

Seanton and the Main Event...

Sean O'Haire, was the only reason I am interested in WCW at all. He has speed, strength, ability and youth on his side which makes him very dangerous. As one half of the WCW tag team champions, Sean has held the title on more than one occasion which makes him a little more creditable the some of the other talent that were apart of the old WCW. His "Jeff Hardy" like manuver I believe is more effective because he hads more weigth behind it, and definately gets the attention of the fans.

Chuck Palumbo, the other half of the team I was not to crazy about initially. First of all when you make your debut by copying another person's gimmick (Lex Luger's) it bothers me. Here you are the new guy and your trying to get noticed by "copying" somone else's formula. The verdict is still out on him in my opinion but lets see what the future holds for him.

The Stuff...

Buff Bagwell, has had either criticisms or praise made towards him. The one word that needs to be used when talking about Buff is ...CONTROL. There is no room for any backstage antics by him. The company is so rich in talent that one slip up could cost him his job. This is based on the reputation he may have earned while with the old regime.

Defections and Additions

Let's see I have an idea of who might go there but they would be obvious. So let's guess, because no one would see it coming..

Acolytes, have now become the card carrying memebers of the WWF why??? Is this just a set up?
Let's see..
< Hardcore Holly, a bigger platform where he will shine bring Bob to the southside.

Mark Jindrak, the guy has it all. Just like O'Haire he will also be a force look for him. Sean Stasiak, correct me if I am wrong but I believe he was signed by the the same company who fired him for being unprofessional. Okay, anything can happen int the world of pro wrestling.

Let the Invasion continue...

Marcus Madison...Can you read througth the madness?

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