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The Epitaph
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-30

This weeks edition of the epitaph is a return to form for yours truly. This is the return of the PRAISE/PULVERIZED rating scale and thoughts of the Invasion pay-per-view through the eyes of the madness. To those who are unfamiliar to this, it is a take on the old "Siskel and Ebert" to thumbs thing. The only difference here is if we were using thumbs someone's would go through a table.

If I can be serious for a minute, this match wreeked of Awesomeness!!!

The first match of the evening saw three Canadians and one awesome force take to the ring. This match saw the team of Edge and Christian take on Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. It is funny that the feud is based around generally based around one word...Awesome. E & C, have it and Mike "like totally does not" but kidding aside these four men put on quite a display of athleticism. Despite Christian's near miss of team ECW, during an attempted over the top rope spring board to the floor. This match gets PRAISE from the madness..

The twin versus the millenium version of "Dangerous Danny Davis".....

The second match of the evening was just a way to involve all facets of and personalities of both organizations in the feud. I know these men are not wrestlers but Earl Hebner and Nick Patrick should not be in the ring. The match although was very comical really was to silly and not meant to be seen on a pay per view. This match get truly PULVERIZED from the madness..

They need beer money, Sean and Chuck....

The third match of the evening saw the WCW and WWF tag team champions face off against each other. Palumbo and O'haire were very formidable opponents for the A.P.A on this night. The feud between to two and match as a whole made sense. When the rumors the invasion were being suggested it only would make sense to pit the best one company has to offer against the best of another company. This match saw several maneuvers such as fall away slams, shoulder blocks, sidekicks, spine busters and ultimately clotheslines finished with authority. The victors on this evening were the team of the A.P.A. The battle in the longstanding war with team WCW/ECW goes to the WWF. This match gets PRAISE from the madness..

"X-Pac sucks", enough said...

The next match of the evening had the strangest results surrounding it and the result of the actual match was not even it. The response of the crowd during the X-Pac/Billy Kidman match may what have arguably turned the night around. The fans were merciless of X-Pac on this night it did not matter what he did or said the crowd was not on his side. Kidman, got a terrific response from the crowd and really working on all cylinders in this match. The match saw modified powerbombs, an x-factor from the top rope, Kidman's powerbomb reversal to a face buster and ultimately his shooting star press that captured the match for him. This match gets PRAISE from the madness..

Being besmirched, so it is written so it shall come to pass...

The following match of the evening was added on Sunday Night Heat earlier in the evening. William Reagal and Raven took to the ring for what I believed to be a bit of a disappointment. The match almost seemed like a filler to me. It appeared as though the match was just thrown in without reason. The evening was filled with matches that helped to serve the angle except for this one. In the end with Raven victorious with the help of Tazz, it still did not impress. This match gets PULVERIZED from the madness.

Who better than the Show-Gunns?

The sixth match of the evening took the "B-teams" of both groups and threw them into the "Invasion". Hugh Morris, Chris Kanyon, and Shawn Stasiak faced off against The Big Show, Albert and Billy Gunn. To me this match on the surface should have team WWF come out on top when you factor in size and strength but this was not the case. I did not enjoy the match it appeared to have just to many holes in it and did not have guys like Morris truly showcase his talents. This match gets PULVERIZED from the madness.

Survive the taranchilla if I let you...

The next match had the opportunity to be a terrific contest. The Tazz/Tajiri match could have been better if they were in their actual "ECW" element. I though the reactions to the crowd by Tazz were so plastic and made him the old style heel that just does not work. That aside Tajiri does not disappointment with the combination of his hybrid kicks and the green mist he was victorious. The match as a whole was a disappointment as and for that reason gets PULVERIZED by the madness.

The Whole Show...was this match!!

The following match to me was the BEST match of the night. This match was for a Hardcore title I may sound like a bit of a mark for Rob Van Dam but just look at the style of this guy and why shouldn't I be. This combined with Jeff Hardy's never say die/death defying risks made this match everything it could be. These men took the match to the crowd where RVD successfully completed a moonsault on to Jeff. He also completed a spin leg drop onto a prone Jeff Hardy who was draped over the guard rail. Fans were also witness to Jeff Hardy being pushed off a 20 foot ladder and receiving a "Van-Daminator" which saw Jeff fall off the the ramp way in the process. In the end failed swanton bomb by Jeff Hardy and "Van tastic" five star splash by RVD crowned a new Hardcore champion. This match showcased the best of both men and without a doubt receives PRAISE from the madness.

Trish, Lita, Torrie, and Stacy...Oh my!!

The ninth contest of the evening was not really match but for every red blooded male out there. The first ever tag team bra and panties match saw team WCW's Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson against Lita and Trish Stratus. Sure the match no grecco roman take downs or ultimate fighting submission manuvers then again who cares!! Lets's see the first to lose their top for those keeping score at home was Stacy followed by Lita with the help of Torrie. The next person to lose their top was Trish, but she made the BEST reversal I have ever seen into taking off Torrie's pants. Trish and Lita then worked together to take off Torrie's top and she was eliminated. The ladies then teamed together to take off Stacy's pants as they took the match. Now I am not one to condone these kind of matches but what can I say, a once in awhile never hurt anyone did it. This match gets PRAISE from the madness..

Are you ready to rumble?????

The last match of the evening was entitled the Inaugural Brawl. The team of WCW/ECW consisting of Booker T, DDP, Rhyno and the Dudleyz took on team WWF consisting of the Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, the Undertaker and Kane. The match was truly a contest of epic proportions. Even thou, the company boasts that this is the first cross-promotional pay per view between different companies it in fact is not. The company is all run under the same umbrella of WWFE. Several things came out of this match. To those who may not have picked on J.R and Michael Cole's constant slant on Booker T's "spin-a-roonie" was directed toward a certain backstage guest that was in attendance which I have on good authority. I thought the end was appeared a little rushed and seemed disorganized. The turn of Austin made sense but the attack on Angle came out of the blue. If there were some kind of tormented look on Austin's face, before the match had concluded between joining the alliance and leaving team WWF then fans could appreciate him shake hands with Kurt followed by a stunner. Despite the end being a touch disappointing the match gets PRAISE from the madness..

This months pay per view rates as so;

Check back next month with a look at the Summerslam pay per view and how it measures up.

Marcus Madison...Critiquing through the madness!!

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