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The Epitaph
by Marcus Madison on 2001-08-06

This weeks edition of the epitaph is a look at the tough enough reality based program and what this all means to wrestling. In large part the popularity of both professional wrestling and reality based programming were in large part the reason for the even attempting this. Just like any proposed angle in the WWF, this to has both a positive and negative side to it.

The program will provide several fans an insight into the training and dedication that goes along with being a pro wrestler. Although, the "scripted" reality based program will do what it can to maintain thee audiences interest, it must still follow the formula of success that has made the WWF so popular.

Through the different commercials that can be seen advertising the contest and program on television it appears a little over the top. When I say over the top I mean the aspiring wrestlers appear timid, nervous and flat out afraid of the star trainers. I can understand these people feeling this way, for goodness sake they have little to no training what so ever. I am confused with how comes across to the viewing audience. Is the program intended to be used as a way for the stars themselves receive additional exposure or to produce the next WWF star?

Allow us to ponder a little..

Now think about it athletes such as Al Snow and Tazz are just a couple of the men who are so heavily involved with the one on one training of each athlete yet have not been involved in a major feud with someone in months. Is is because some fans have come to realize that "head" really is not a person and can not talk back? Is it because the head gimmick wore thin and little interest came from it? Regardless, it seems that a few questions concerning tough enough need to be asked.

Where is the reality?

It is already understood that the many stars of the WWF had to make sacrifices when it comes to making it. The reality is suppose to stem from how badly these men and women want it. I ask it is this or simply how the WWF can use tough enough as another vehicle to capitalize on the success of reality based programming and having the WWF seen more as entertainment then a sport in the mainstream media.

How real is real?

The question does not surround around the training regime of these athletes as much as it does the actual responses of the WWF stars themselves. Tazz, for example has always been know for his tough training regimen. When he and Perry Saturn ran the house of hardcore for ECW they had very few successful graduates so this does not come into question. The question I ask is are these men and women of the WWF in character because they know they are on television or because this is genuinely acting on how they feel.

Al Snow, was introduced as one of the stars of MTV's "Tough Enough". This may just go to prove my point that if the WWF is capitalizing more on having the WWF in as many programming slots as possible, they will increase the number of viewers in masses. After realizing this there is no question that the WWF is always looking after the business.

What about the winner?

After the program comes to an end and a winner is decided what happens next. I know the WWF said it will grant one man and one women a contract but for how long. Will the stigma of being a nobody that has not accomplished anything and not paid their dues travelling the independent circuit be received well? The men and women that tried to make it and failed maybe the luckiest people on the face of the earth.

This past week two women quit because they felt that it was to difficult and that is fine. However, so much is focussed on how the WWF athletes are so warm and supportive when really they are suppose to be. In this world where reality based programming appears not to be scripted just in wrestling itself, it is. Stephanie, Tazz, and Al Snow are all playing themselves but are not as demanding when it comes to having everyone succeed.

Once again, I ask the question where will these "want to be's" be in six months when all the hype and dust has settled. Does the name Ludvig Borga, or Brakkus ring a bell? These folks will be in and out faster than the Giant Silva. All because the WWF simply used them as a tool to gain attention for itself. Is it all tough talk or really to the winner go the spoils? Time will tell, but my mind is already made up.

Regardless, of who is cut, quits or even voted off the fact remains these select few will have achieved some form of popularity even for a short while regardless of whether they make it to the show. Does this sound like I am contradicting myself here? Probably. I just do not want these guys to end up like Richard on survivor, who is now left to co-host the after party of every other survivor on Entertainment Tonight. then again, Colleen did co-star in "The Animal". Pardon the rambling thoughts they are now simply racing faster than burning forest fire.

Do you believe the hype?????

Marcus Madison...Can you read through the madness?

You can check out Marcus Madison weekly on Joltin' Joe's Wrestling Line at (416) 350-3000 ext. 2049. Long distance charges may apply.

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