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Guest Editorial
by Notorious TID on 2001-08-15

On August 13,2001,'s Moonsaults column reported from the All Pro Wrestling (San Francisco) message board, comments posted by owner Roland Alexander, regarding George C. Snott leaving the promotion:

Roland Alexander, owner, APW promotion:

"We wish him the best of luck but I have a fear in my heart because everyone who has tried to expand thenselves by leaving APW has not made any progress: The list is long...Joe Applebaumer, Steve Rizzono, Super Diablo, Chris Ward... I know there are more but I can't think of them offhand...I just can't understand when they aren't that good, and feel they aren't getting a push, and leave to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond.. when in reality, if they can't make it in APW they aren't going to make it elsewhere as far as a career goes.

They might become more prolific main event hobby wrestlers than they would in APW and if that is the case, they certainly have the right to do so."

Applebaumer, aka POGO the Clown, and Steve Rizzono are now stars with the Los Angeles based XPW, and neither one knows Snott or told him to leave APW. Frequently featured here on our site, neither was aware of the posting and both asked for the opportunity to speak their minds.

Websites run by wrestlers are by design, a forum for wrestlers to respond to such instances where comments about them from promoters are spread on the internet. This helps wrestlers to get their side out and hopefully other promoters, who may put stock in opinions of well-known figures like Alexander, will not form an unbalanced opinion which could result in lost bookings for the wrestlers.

Steve Rizzono, leader of The Enterprise

" Since I left APW, let's see.. Tag Team belts in Portland, Vancouver Island champion, 2 times ECCW NWA Canadian Tag Titles with Chance Beckett, top heel in XPW , hmmm, yep, I havn't done a thing, no progress at all.

Let me tell you what Roland Alexander is prolific at: Not paying the guys. If I'm a hobby wrestler, he's a hobby promoter. His style is to belittle talent if you miss a spot and berate them and tell them you suck, you'll never make it, but hey kid, I'll give you a break. Like you'll never make it without Roland.

To make it in this game, you have to work all over and hit the road, not just work in his garage. Hey Snott, get ahold of me, I'll help you find you some work if you want. Why is it your top guys leave, Roland?

Except for Tony Jones and Mike Modest, but that's OK, we don't criticize guys for staying , why would he attack us for leaving? Pogo was his top heel and Roland treated him like crap, ask him... Roland hates big/tall guys, he pushes little guys cause he has a complex, he never took a bump and never went anywhere, and is a jealous man."

Joe Applebaumer, POGO the Clown in XPW, #1 contender

" For all you APW fans, this is not a threat, this is a promise, they need to know that I've warned Roland about flapping his jaws on the internet. I said I'd go right to APW and break his fingers.

Me and Steve were right from the same era, he was the only graduate of 1993 and I was the only graduate of 1994. The one thing I felt about APW from 94-98, I used to come home and think about being in the wrestling graveyard of Northern Califonia, and I never felt like a professional wrestler because they had no credibility. They were nobodies. It was like a backyard fed, working in a warehouse in fromt of 22 people. Where was my career going? Who was this fat pig I gave my life savings, $5000 to ?

I was there with Rizzono before Roland Alexander got his WWF hook-up, and good for Crash Holly and everyone, but without that Roland would be a total nothing in the business. I had to go to Killer Kowalski up east to learn psychology and that's OK, some of us out there that believed, couldn't hang around guys that broke Kay Fabe for $2500.(ed. note-Alexander and APW had key roles in the Discovery Channel expose on wrestling.)

One thing I have to agree with Mr. Rizzono, I got tired of seeing 110 lb. kids who had a dream, like all men do, I respect that, but we knew they would never even make it to a joey (dojo boy) level.

As far as XPW and POGO being a hobby, this promotion in L.A. has shown me more in one year with that tour of FMW then you ever did. Open your eyes, fat boy, I know you read the magazines and I was ranked in PWI.
Some hobby. In the world of extreme, you have to pace yourself. No one in APW could handle my style. You're always knocking it but your guys are lining up to join me and Steve with XPW. It's growing, APW is not.

If there was one thing I regret from leaving APW the most, is I would have paid $100, no, $1000 to see Vic Grimes beat and humiliate you again, Roland. Don't be knocking anyone because of your jealousies.
By the way, who in the fuck is George C Snott ??

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