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Moondog Manson
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Whacky Adventures of the Moondog
by Moondog Manson on 2001-09-14

Holy shit has this past week been crazy. I have been working hard and partying even harder all in preparation for my for my 25th birthday which is coming up on september the 18th. I finally got around to completing the article script for my website and been working on some other projects. I definitely playing it smart in the wrestling business, when the time comes for me to hang up the boots unlike most guys I will have some thing to fall back on.

Now Saturday night was fucked up, I was doing my usual bouncing gig at studio 54 in New Westminster when I lost my virginity....lost your virginity you may ask...well see no one ever got into a fight around me so I never had to break fights up, I use intimidation to calm them down before they get riled up. Well all I know is out of the corner of my eye I see some weird movement and I look to see two guys starts to swing a beer bottle and after three shots with it the damn thing broke.

Well the owner and I are on the fight right away, he is choking out the guy with the bottle and I am holding a now bleeding coke head back. I am being easy on him since he was some what of a regular...then he bit me on the I replied with a generously light love tap to his head with my fist. I don't know what he was thinking but he was obviously out of his mind. Well the bite didn't do any damage more then a little tenderness. My joy was being able to stand there with blood all over me and my white shirt for the rest of the night. Kinda made me feel at home, or in the dressing room.

Well they say things come in threes. So blood bath number three started out this way. I showed up for work last night (thursday) and get informed the strippers have been canceled and it is so dead in there I get told they will only use me if it picks up, that means it is time to drink. Well I go out side and call one of my girls and walk around the car where a SUV full of fijians are yelling "Honky" at I know what you are thinking here comes the blood bath.....

Well no I knew the driver who is a good friend of mine, next thing I know I have a bottle of beer in my hand and hopping in the truck and heading to a strip joint....yes I did just vanish from the club...kinda like I do on the road wrestling, no one knows if I am ok to this point either....hahahah. Well I am at this strip joint and next thing you know I am in Vancouver at club 212.

Now this night club is a haven for big time pimps and players, well used to be...I walked in and it was so different then when I used to hang out there. I was surprised to run into and ex-girlfriend there who works there now. Well I am having some fun but some guy gets tossed...I want to have fun so I go out side to back the bouncers up, I am not sure what happened but I was almost more willing to back the guys who got tossed out up. I got kicked out of that joint once and have hated it ever since. Well I am trying to calm these guys down while the bouncers are riling them up...then it happens one of the guys pulls out a knife...yeah I know what you are thinking blood bath from the knife....

Nope....I knew he wasn't gonna stab me so I stayed in his face but as I was doing that some of the guys from the clubs got some metal bars and shit to use as weapons and they chased the guy with the knife I am attending to this the other guy is now getting he is bleeding pretty good and while I am talking to him he is getting blood all over me from his busted lip.

I tell you all I know is I turn around see some cops, tell the guy with a knife to get out of there and he does but stops to toss a knife under a truck, bad move...a cop saw it next thing you know I am in between a guy with a knife and a cop with a gun pulled out. Well lets just say I went back inside and found my double crown and coke and drank the night away...well after I cleaned up any ways.

I was pretty drunk when I got home, so drunk the phone rang next to my head and I never heard it. All I know is shit happens in 3' does that mean tonight at the bar I am gonna get all blodied again?

So now I wonder...with all these night club fights I am in does this mean I don't need to wrestle any more...well in any event I better get my ass in the ring soon and keep tuned up.

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