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A deep article probing into the wrestling fans psyche.
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-02

Wrestling fans all have jobs right? Well, I assume so,anyway.Something has to maintain our diet of pizza pops and month old Doritos. Anyway, there's always instances where we have to improve or maintain our performance, or either risk losing the job,or not getting that elusive pay raise. We really should not take it as a personal insult, as there is always someone ready,willing and able to fill our spot.

And then there's guys like Bryan Clarke. The story came out last week that Kronik was going to be sent down to OVW in the wake of their awful performance at Unforgiven. The story was,instead of being grateful they were not being fired outright, they opted to take their ball and go home. But Jim Ross clarified the story that Clarke was the one to vamoose. It's really funny, This guy had a brief mid-card stint as Adam Bomb a few years ago, disappears for five years, and returns to WCW for a tag title push long after anyone stopped watching, and all of a sudden the guy thinks he's headlining MSG. Why is it so hard for these guys to understand that Vince is supreme overlord now. He rattles his zipper, you better start putting on your lip gloss. Who does this Clarke guy think he is? Best of luck headlining shows with Brutus Beefcake and The Iron Shiek.A lot of guys better wise up, its pretty evident who has job security, and who keeps other promoters numbers in the old rolodex. Ask Buff Bagwell

What is with this William Regal push? I dislike picking things apart, but is there any reason he should be going over on Lance Storm? Regal is only really a bit player, but he needs someto play off of. Like an evil WCW "Commissioner" or something.

Is The WWF launching a new DX? With Xpac apparently aligning himself with Christian, and DX getting mentioned...But the faction would need a centrepiece...a Bonafide main event draw. Like Chris Jericho. Turn those three into the troublemakers between the Alliance and The WWF. Have Albert as an enforcer, and we could have gold, just give the personas time to manifest.If they just throw these guys together for no reason, it could bomb quicker than Lloyd Chapman in a room full of rats.

And with that my Hurrasenses tell me this column is over.....

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