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Bored Mumblings on No Mercy
by The NWG on 2001-10-07

Well, I just got home from a buddies house, watching the Canucks game (we lost 4-1 to Detroit...dang it). Now, with some free time, I'll make up some random stuff to talk about.

First off, I want to apologize to the staff and wrestlers of ECCW. I didn't report my news item last week the way I wanted to, and apologize for the comment I made.
No Mercy is two weeks away, and the current lineup is as follows:

lineup to be announced
card subject to be changed

Well, I'm excited. No seriously. Really.

I long for the days where we'd actually have whole PPV lineups, or at least big portions, announced by two weeks before, so we could get excited and have build up. At this point, we have nothing...except a RAW coming up that is supposed to be "PPV quality". Does this mean feud blowoffs on RAW, so we have nothing left for No Mercy?

I guess we can expect some sort of screwjob in the Angle/Austin match, leading to another rematch at No Mercy. The only other option would be to have it switched to a Rock/Angle vs. Austin/RVD match, where whomever gets the fall over a champion wins their belt (WCW World/??? vs. WWF World/WWF Hardcore, or whatever).

Rest of the lineup? Well, as near as I can figure, The Fun Brothers vs. Booker/Test should be on there, maybe Spike vs. Awesome or The Hurricane (or Spike/Show vs. Awesome/Hurricane again), and Stacy vs. Torrie.

Yeah, excited is the word to describe this pay per view.

Well, I guess Maven didn't do TOO badly on SmackDOWN...but he still leaves a lot to be desired. The part I don't get is we have him win Tough Enough, then announce he's getting busted down to HWA, but he goes out on SmackDOWN and gets squashed by Tazz, aka That Announcer Who Gets Punked Out Alot. Are we supposed to be excited for his return now?

The other problem is by the time they bring back Maven, most people won't remember why we liked him after Tough Enough was over, plus Tough Enough 2 and maybe even 3 or 4 will be over, so we'll have forgotten him even more.

And I sure wouldn't wanna be Maven if he blows a hiptoss during a match with Saturn.

Spike and Big Show cancelled their night on the town for a match with Mike Awesome and The Hurricane? "What's up with that?"
Even though I promised last week to have a review of the ASW show, I haven't gotten to see the tape yet. Hopefully I'll get around to it sooner or later.

Without a doubt, my next column will be a classic. It will be a special Halloween Comes Early edition of Traditionally Yours, as well as having results and feedback on the NWA 53rd Annivesary show. If you have any Halloween Safety Tips, feel free to pass them along, you might help save a life when Halloween is Traditionally Yours.

Until the next time, good luck to the ECCW crew heading for Florida next weekend.

Traditionally Yours,

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