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Silverspoons Circus of Useless Misfits
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-10-08

Shit I'm so sick of all of the local B.S. All of it ASW/ECCW/ICW..Oh I hear rumblings about Flower packing it in, closing ICW. I just can't see Flowers rolling over and playing dead, I know this man all to well. If he's packed it in there has got to be a method to that madness. As for the NWA, fuck them they have never give me the time of day. Corrino quit, good for him. Shit at the big aniversary event they can't even draw a crowd.

A pile of dung can draw more flies then the NWA can fans. As far as ASW pulling thier puds with glee that they had the Honky Tonk Man...well big woopie...The Honky Tonk Man works for who ever pays the dough. Nobody owns the Honky. He goes where the cash is and that's good for him, he has my respect.

So now to ECCW. Direction, what direction. Imagine if you will, all three promotions banding together for a common good...........It would be like the Keystone Cops like The Mark Brothers all with promotors of super egos. And look at the workers that would be left over sitting at home. I bet Manson would be one, and I can think of at least a dozen others. All the trouble makers, dope smokers, boozers, losers and fat guys. The ones that just don't make the grade. The sort of guys I had in late 96 when I started ECCW at the Eagles hall. The promotion that everyone said would run one show and be gone. The promotion started by Silverspoon the mark promoter. Mr. I don't get no respect Rodney Dangerspoon.

Yes the time maybe has come to take the great unwashed and build a bigger and better circus of perversion. Time to push the envolope into deeper water and more tasteless overtones. The time has come the Walrus said. Too speak of many thing. Not yet my pretties. Soon though........very soon.

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