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Adam Firestorm Interview
by Marvelous Bitchin' Rogers on 2000-12-21

MBR:: Recently I sat down with a northwest wrestling great in Adamn Firestorm (formally known as Torch), and had a great interview. It went a little something like this.......

MBR :: Good evening Adam, thank you for doing this interview for us. I have some questions on my mind that I've been wanting to ask you for quite a while. So I figured this would be a great time to do it. First I want to ask you about some things involving PNCW in Oregon. Recently there was a lot of talk about how people working for Pete Schweitzer had a hard time getting paid. I know you wrestled for him atleast once, maybe more. There was a big story of ECCW wrestlers not working for him anymore because of their wrestlers not getting paid. I don't know if he has paid them off by now, but I was wondering if you ever got paid for the time you worked with him. If so....was it right away, or did you have to wait a while before getting any money ?

Adam Firestorm :: I never really had any problems with Mr. Schweitzer paying me. There was only one time I ever had to wait to get paid, and that was because I was off eating all his hot dogs after a show while he was paying everyone. He saw me and realized he hadn't paid me, so he asked if I could wait until after the show the next night because he had put all his paperwork away. I was fine with that. I think the problem others had was not so much with not getting paid, but with bad cheques. I almost always got cash from Pete, but the one time he gave me a cheque, it cashed fine. I've never had a problem with getting paid by Pete, but I guess the others did.

MBR :: ....Now...I was wondering what promotions you've worked for.

Adam ::Of course, I've worked for ECCW up here since almost the beginning . I've also worked for the aforementioned PNCW, Portland Wrestling, Sandy Barr's Championship Wrestling USA, the National Wrestling Federation, Universal Independent Wrestling, World High Impact Pro Wrestling, British Columbia Wrestling, Bad Boys of Wrestling, the Can-Am Wrestling Federation, and a few others

MBR :: Recently there's been talk of you moving. Do you still plan to move away ?? And if so, where do you plan on moving too ??

Adam ::I was all set to move to Calgary, Alberta in January, but plans changed at the very last minute. I had mentioned plans to move before, but this was pretty much a done deal. I informed ECCW I was leaving, and even made an extended trip out there in November to sort a few things out. I already had a place out there, I had the numbers for a few promotions out there. I was all set. I had a few things change in my personal life, and so now i am more than content to stick around here. Plus, as badly as I wanted to move, my gut instinct told me not to. If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that Adam should always listen to his gut instinct. I think I have a very smart gut. Sometime I swear it can tell the future.

MBR :: Well that's great news for the local fans! There's also question on the minds of me and everyone else. I'm not sure if you've said before, but I for one, are wondering who trained you and where.

Adam ::The first training I ever received was when I was around 16 years old. My friends brother was training in a back yard with a bunch of wrestlers and somehow they dragged me into the ring. I did okay and kept going back each day for about a week. Then they took the ring down. I was working for a promotion called West Coast Championship Wrestling, doing some announcing, writing the programs, doing time keeping, music, just about a little of everything. When that closed down and ECCW started up, I kept doing the same stuff. I would be setting up rings all the time and would goof around with some of the guys before the show. Eventually, somebody no-showed and I was put on the card. I guess I didn't suck too bad, because they started booking me on all the shows. It was then that I got real serious and trained as much as I could with Michelle Starr, and later Velvet McIntyre. They showed me the basics and the fundamentals. A lot of the other stuff I taught myself.

MBR :: Hmm, intresting. Now there's just one more question before we part ways Adam. I was wondering what your favorite match was, that you participated in.

Adam ::Geez, I really don't know. I have several favorites, but I'm not sure if I have one favorite match. My favorite matches have been working with Billy Two Eagles, Buddy Wayne, Chance Beckett, Tony Kozina, Asian Cooger, and Randy Tyler. I had a blast each and every time I worked those guys. (Manson note* I am sure it slipped his mind but it was with me as Moondog Mysterio Jr.)

MBR :: Well thank you so much for your time. If you want to find out more about anything to do with Adam Firestorm, visit his website at

Adam :: Of they can just check out the newly-launched

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