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My own "Tough Enough" - Adventures in Officiating
by Brandon Smith on 2001-10-27

Before I get too far, props to Maven for winning the Tough Enough Championship...Willamette Valley represent, foo!

Anyways, school has been a hoot as always. The latest thrill ride for me has been ref training. That's right, Brandon is on zebra duty. I know, I know, it's not what I signed up for, but it lets me be a part of the show and get used to being in front of a crowd before I am actually up there wrestling. Plus, chicks dig the uniform.

My first taste of officiating came at the MCLL show a few weeks ago. MCLL is a lucha group consisting mostly of Tito Carreon's students and a couple other vets who perform at the same place we practice. A session was just getting out when they started their show. The first match was a cluster of a battle royal, that was forgettable at the time. Next, it turned out Tito had no ref for an American rules match and he asked if any off the students would ref. Tony chimed in with a "Brandon will do it!" I had no idea this was to be an American rules match, although I am familiar with lucha rules, I had to decline. "Uhhh...Tito, I can only count to 'quice'". Tito reassured me and dragged me to the back. I noticed I would be reffing for Tommy Celcious and some other Supreme-esque looking student I have never seen before. The match goes by quick, as I pretty much stand around and get on the evil Celcious's back when he gives a low blow or holds the ropes. Out pops the Pitbull. For those who know, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, Pitbull is well...unique and probably doesn't have the best track record in the business. This is not a planned part of the match...well, not that we plan things ;) so I tell him to get out of there, knowing damn well he wouldn't, but I cover my ass a ref. I turn around to see the finish and I make the 3-count. Pitbull enters the ring and catches the student with a double leg take down.

I was long gone at this point, but apparently the two had some heat after the battle royal. I could see Pitbull jawwing with the student, basically punking him out in front of a bunch of his friends. Pitbull leaves to the back and the student isn't too far behind. Only he grabs a chair and takes it back with him. What happened next is a mystery to me, but I did hear a bit of commotion from the dressing room. The student left with his bag, selling his head.

So the first match I ref turns into a shoot..I guess it can only get better. I am still learning to wrestle of course, and I am getting a little more confident with my abilities. I am getting there slowly, but surely. Until then though, Real Men Wear Black...and White.

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