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Merry Traditional Christmas
by The NWG on 2001-12-21

Merry Christmas.

As I sit here getting ready for free stuff and food, and preparing for a new year, I think about how long it's been since I wrote an article. And the excuses I can use to explain it.

The only one I could come up with was "Too busy with school". Well, no school right now. Therefore, screwed. So here goes. As always, I'll randomly rant on whatever pops into my head.

If you were listening to the Jim Rome show on Wednesday, you heard my e-mail read. Everyone can be happy.

And any clones out there who weren't listening to the Year End Shows on Thursday and Friday deserve a tongue. It was beautiful listening to him rage on Soccer Fan and all the other takes of the year.

What will the New Year hold? Well, we look to have a battle between ASW and ECCW brewing. Do I know if it's an angle or legit? No. Do I care? Not really.

On one hand, if it's an angle, then we'll see the talent from both federations wrestling each other, better angles, and hopefully better matches. Plus, it will give everyone involved more opportunities to show off their skills.

On the other hand, if it's legit, then we'll have two promotions competing against each other, trying to be the best. If you look by the mud slinging, both federations will be trying to win the fans over to their sides by putting on the best show. At that rate, the fans win again in the short run.

Long run? In my eyes, either one promotion wins and takes some of the talent they want, like what's happening with WWF. Otherwise, both promotions keep going, and the feud goes on for a while, hopefully with the strong competition that the WWF/WCW feud had during it's hey day.

NWA News: It's still alive. Shinya Hashimoto won the NWA World Title, which leaves me wondering how many regular North American fans will care when their local promotion has to bring him in for a show. Heck, how much will they care when The New Heavenly Bodies or Jason Rumble comes in? I'd much rather see the Jr. Heavyweight Title on AJ Styles (who has WCW/ECW experience), and the Tags or World Title on someone else as well.

If I had my way, we'd be the World Tag Titles on The Lost Boyz from Wildside, and the World Title back on Corino or someone from WCW.

I think The New VI needs to give me and Dan a segment on their morning show to recap RAW and SmackDOWN on Tuesday/Friday mornings. I try and do the recap, Dan tosses in his comments partway through, the odd slapstick fight, and plenty of insults. Add in ECCW/ASW wrestlers showing up to promote their shows, and nobody will care about that goofy guy in the glasses any more.

Speaking of The New VI, I hope to see ECCW or ASW people show up on the Speaker's Corner booth. That'd be HILARIOUS. Manson and Ray Brooks drop by the screen after drinking at one of the 145 pubs/bars in downtown Nanaimo, and just kicks the crud out of him.

Anywho, I'm out of ideas. Until next time, remember that T R A D I T I O N...RULES, and have a happy holidays.

Traditionally Yours


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