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The Contest is on! Enter today!
by Dan Titus on 2002-05-28

I guess I should preface this by saying I honestly do not know if any other wrestling related is doing what I am about to start there. That would require research, which takes precious time away from looking for online pornography, and quite frankly, writing this column is going to deduct from that anyway.

As I mentioned last week, pro wrestlers seem to be dropping at a pretty alarming rate. This is sad, but then I thought, what are the first three letters in "Funeral"? F-U-N!

Thats right,in the first ever contest on this website, you have a chance to win prizes by picking the next pro wrestling personality to go to that big PPV in the sky!

Since this will be the first round, I am going to start the prize fairly small, if you are a BC about a $25 gift certificate from A&B Sound? If you live in another part of North America, maybe pick out a video or DVD and I will buy it and send it to you(No porn! We all know how the inspectors are at sniffing it out and keeping it from the rightful owner.)

So on the thread marked "The Contest" on the no holds barred message board, gimme your pick of who the next to wear a toe tag is. It is first come first serve with the names.So the first person to pick a name gets first dibbs.

To give you some ideas, here a list of people in the business who probably will not dodge the bullet much longer:

Jake Roberts,Scott Hall, Road Dog, Tammy Sytch, Sabu, The entire roster of XPW, Bobby Heenan(Cancer,sadly), New Jack, Missy Hyatt, Dynamite Kid.

Contest starts immediately, only submit your lucky pic on the thread marked "The Contest" on the no holds barred forum on this website.

Remember, just because someone is leaving the party early, is no reason for you not to go for the door prize!

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