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The gaping maw of Sam Halsall.
by Dan Titus on 2002-07-09

A comment was recently made on the no holds barred forum of this website that shook me to my core and made me question my sense of self. Yes, I have a sense of self. It was a shock to me too.

When I informed Manson of this comment, he showed emotions I never knew existed. I have never seen him cry before, but that day, tears of anguish flowed like cheap wine at Jake Roberts housewarming party. Then he bladed his forehead and dove head first thru his kitchen table.

See, someone posted that neither Manson or myself or the other guys on this site care about the opinions of women as equal human beings, only when they are ...naked.

It hurts because if there is one thing we have always strove for on this site, it is to be the voice of female empowerment. Ladies, we stand behind you in your hopes and ambitions, and you know that we will provide a friendly shoulder to cry on if needed. The crew at still believes in "Girl Power". We are your friends. We are your warriors.

See what Miss Aguilera says in the writing on this pic?It is our site creedo.

Although as I said, I believe in the equality of women,I had to run these pics. It's sweeps week.

Some minor league baseball team decided last night they were purposely going to set a record for lowest attendance ever at a professional baseball game. So they locked the fans out. Um, guys, if empty buildings fascinate you so much, you should have gone to see a few ECCW shows on some of their last island tours.

Another pending MLB strike. Ya know, I fully support the right of a person to try to make as much money as humanly possible, but I really don't think they should expect sympathy from the fans. When the minimum salary is now 2 million dollars(Alex Rodriguez makes 25 mil. He likely keeps more than 2 mil in the change compartment in his car) its kinda hard for the average joe to relate. Especially when he can't afford to take the kids to a ballgame because they keep jacking the prices to placate whiny athletes who want 12 million because 10 million is an "Insult". For ten mil, feel free to insult me all ya like.

But if this strike happens, it could mean a potentially larger audience for wrestling, especially if the playoff are canceled. Best the WWF gets on a roll now.

So Kevin Nash injures himself during his first match back. Quad injury. Does anyone remember what they did to horses who broke their legs? How does Nash injure himself when he is basically a stationary object to begin with?

So I guess Vince is going to pay him to not wrestle again. That may not be a bad idea. How about us fans take a collection to get him to promise to stop making the attempt? Ya think if we got up enough money we could set up a similar retirement fund for Sweet Daddy D? These are indy fans, so it may not be on as large a scale...

Me: Ok guys, how much we got?
Guy number 2: 8 dollars and a fortune cookie.
Me: Well, I'll go make the offer.Wish me luck ,guys!

I do think there are at least a few positive things going on in the WWF right now. They have really gone out of their way during the last couple weeks to make main events seem important, such as the 'Taker/Hardy ladder match, or 'Taker/Angle three nights later. If they don't treat the matches as throwaways, chances are the viewer won't either.

See ya next week.

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