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Mangler's Memoir - Emancipation
by Marcus Madison on 2002-07-10

This week's edition of the memoirs explores what I would consider the slavery of wrestlers as we know it. This is also coincedentally my 50th edition of a seldom read often neglected gem but that is about to change. Initially when the word Monopoly was used I seriously thought Milton Bradley, played some part in it. Well that is not the case. To some it is a board game that we have at some time played without realizing what the potential implications in the real world it might have. Last year, I wrote a column that was based on the monopoly of wrestling and its affects. Some may have read some might have not and to some it is what I have learned about the wrestling monopoly that has interested me the most. Has the wrestling monopoly led to the slavery of wrestling?

A bold statement with the idea that we fans do not really grasp unless you ask those involved and how they might be affected by it. Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure to speak to several wrestlers, promoters and owners regarding their ideas of a union. The answers have been mixed as they should be. What I never asked anyone is that has it led to wrestlers being slaves to the sport that they love so much that they could not thing of their lives without having it be a part of them.

The business of wrestling is no different than the world of business. So as the wrestlers are forced into a position with no leverage to negotiate, no long term job security and no established pension for them, after their careers are over what really are they left with? Nothing. We are all aware that the business world is a matter of survival. The business of the wrestling world is no different. It is where only the strong survive. As I am aware of this, it is also reflective of wrestlers today, where only the strongest will survive. When I talk about strength I am not speaking of their physique, their stamina or any of their in ring ability but more importantly their ability to maneuver themselves thought the very fine line that the business has created. It allows wrestlers to be able maneuver themselves without having to deal with the restraints that owners tend to control over several athletes. So when we think of those established athletes that really have established themselves on promotion without having to deal with the headaches that owners tend to play a part in only a select few come to mind.

Hogan - love him or hate him he has without a doubt looked out for his own best interests. He never has been a wrestler, fans are aware of that. He is a showman, a ring master in simply playing to the crowd. He is a business man, who has reinvested in other areas outside the ring that has other athletes envious when really he is smarter that wrestling fans would like to believe.

Bradshaw - readers will scoff at why he made this list but really when we talk about wrestlers that have looked out for their best interests outside the ring, he is one of them. It was reported that he was very successful in the stock market last year and although investments such as real estate, or stocks are a gamble his has paid off. He appears to have taken his post wrestling career into account.

Over the years one thing has remained constant about wrestlers which is reflective of people in general they think of themselves, but think about their families even more. Their risks for success and failure are so great that every career path they decide to take plays a part in their post wrestling careers as well. In general wrestlers today reach their decisions based on best immediate gain and not necessarily long term. The ramifications of their actions have left many wrestlers not only with no careers options to take but no financial support to rely on as well. However, if we could only see what makes these athletes decide the paths they decide to take with their careers in then truly can not blame them for looking out for the best immediate gain. In many circles young wrestlers can be compared to young basketball players who have forgone their college career to move directly into a professional career.

As just as those athletes realize that young basketball stars of today may not have the opportunity to earn what established stars have come to earn, so they are taking advantage of their opportunity now and demanding a higher income. I believe that the young wrestlers of today are aware that they may not have as long of a career as the likes of the Funks, Rhodes, Flairs and the Hoganís so they are demanding a higher income now then at any time before. The younger athletes of today that took fun advantage of the immediate opportunities now reads like a whose - who of talent.

Buff Bagwell - whether or not you actually like him is not the point what is that he has had to look out for himself. He is a name and for that reason alone they will flock to arenas to see him in action. Regardless of whether it is an independent promotion or one that is attempting to succeed such as the XWF, Bagwell is looking out for his best viable option. Since the WWE, has no use for him now he had to look out for the best opportunities available. The best possible opportunity not only remains with the company he is a part of but may hope to eventually have an array of hope in the future.

Roddy Piper - Since his role, on air one is that of commissioner we need to recognize that he is an established star in the industry. Icon? Well I would not go out as to say that, but he is definitely a man that is known all over the world. He has a family and if he has to swallow his pride for the betterment of his wife and kids you know what he will do. As we the new wave craving Duran Duran fans of the eighties all know, Roddy Piper was able to captivate and audience with his monologues. Unfortunately as time passes by their opportunities become less and less apparent.

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