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Stop the insanity.
by Dan Titus on 2002-07-16

And before any of you guys send me any emails, I checked. No one picked that Jimmy Miranda guy they mentioned on RAW in the death pool.

Vince, bring back TL Hopper,The Gobbledeegooker, Doink, Christ sign Sweet Daddy D to a contract* if you have to. Please, for the love of all that is good and right, do not inflict Eric Bischoff on your dwindling legions of viewers. His television presence was one of the reasons I abandoned Nitro in its prime.

Maybe I'm wrong. This could turn out to be as good as the invasion angle. Oh, wait, bad example.

This could be as good as the return of the NWO!Oh,wait,bad example.

So(I guess) ends the NWO rebirth. Who knew it was that easy? No muss, no fuss. Vince could have saved us the atrocity of the invasion angle just by saying "Those guys are all gone." But it's certainly understandable. With Michaels being a non wrestler, Nash injured, Xpac home sulking, and the Big Show being a useless sack of floatsem(or is that jetsam?) What else was he supposed to do.?

I don't exactly think Bischoff's presence is whats going to cure the disappointing ratings. Vince is better off strolling the beach looking for a magic lamp.

Dear God,

I know I haven't exactly been an exemplary human being. Well, ok, I've been a disgusting human being, but at least I found something I excel at. Please, I beseech you and your divine mercy, do not make Stephanie Mcmahon the Smackdown GM. If you see fit to grant this request, I promise to spend the rest of my life trying to inspire goodness in my fellow man. I'll stop calling talk radio shows and challenging the hosts to fights(Even though its funny). I'll pay full bus fare instead of shortchanging them by fifty cents because the driver isn't paying attention. I'll stop drooling like a newborn puppy when Britney Spears waves her breasts around on tv like the rarest hypnotic amulet. Anything you want, just please spare wrestling fans the indignity of having both Stephanie and Bischoff BOTH appearing on our tv's.

*Vince, I was kidding. Ya know, I said that as an example.

"It's always the freakin' mimes".

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