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I been a bad boy.
by Dan Titus on 2002-09-17

This coming Saturday night, Sept 21, America's Most Wanted airs a report on former XPW star Messiah getting sliced and diced in his home. Isn't that just the sort of heartwarming news coverage the wrestling business needs these days?
The show also features comments from New Jack. That sounds like journalists trying to earn danger pay. After his appearance, I wonder how many viewer tips are going to come in about things he's done.

I'm kidding. I would have loved to see him tear thru the WWF's cartoon harcore division.

The WWF seems to have enough people angry at them over the angles involving faux lesbians and commitment ceremonies, why do they need to hire fake protesters? They should just let the real ones in, that'd be some heat.

So GLAAD(Thats Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, not the company that makes garbage bags, you dolts) evidently thought the whole thing on Smackdown was going to be an attempt to reach out to all the gay bashers and homophobes? And now they say it changed from what they were told it was meant to be? Sorry, I just refuse to believe that anyone in the wrestling business would ever mislead anybody over anything.

I just completed 10 interview questions with, they should be up as soon as the site overcomes some technical glitches.

For those reading this column on that site, come over here and trawl thru our archives, for many other articles written by muself and our other fine writers such as Marty Goldstein, the Nanaimo Wrestling Genius and my good friend Sam Halsall.

So, I am going to ask some questions, you guys email me and answer:

What was your first experience watching wrestling?

What keeps you watching wrestling?

What do you think of the stereotype I often joke about as far as wrestling fans go?True or not?

Lets get some discussion happening.

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