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The uncensored nudity of your mind...
by Dan Titus on 2002-09-24

So the WWF announced that the 2003 edition of Wrestlemania will be held at Safeco Field in Seattle. Well, anyone not living under a rock already knew that(Maybe I'm overestimating wrestling fans). What was really funny was how abruptly the "press conference" ended when someone asked about the drug and steroid testing program Vince alluded to many years ago.

Um, Vinnie? When you get defensive about such matters, it makes it look like you have something to hide. Since you are a publicly traded company now, would it not be in your best interests to come clean? Either say yes there is a program, or no there is not. Sometimes it feels like I'm the last honest man.

Every WWF PPV for the last 17 months, I've gone over to the home of Sam Halsall and Jodie Williams( For you maritime fans, they are writers) and we watch the show. Except this time, we did not get it. And ya know what the funny thing was? No one seemed to care, matter of fact,it was probably about what would have been the halfway point of the show before we even recalled that it was the day of the show. It didn't even feel like "Oh, we may miss something great". That sort of apathy among wrestlings fanbase isn't a positve sign. You should have your potential customers excited about what you offer, not a take it or leave it attitude.

Oh, and I learned something that evening: Hamburger Helper cheesy macaroni with ground turkey instead of beef rocks. Don't ask why, it just does.

As far as Raw goes, would anyone notice if they replaced it with two hours of MadTV, or maybe bring back Rollerjam? That two hours felt like four.

Good way to get Chris Nowinski off tv for a few months(for those who don't know, he has a benign tumor in his jaw requiring surgery), and a helluva fight with Dreamer. Smart thinking, having a ready made angle upon his return. I bet Vince is hoping something goes wrong with the surgery, and Nowinski ends up as the real life Kane, and has to wear a mask, and like that time he had to use a voice box like a fucking gimp. But hey, Kane played tonsil hockey with Terri Runnels last night, so at least he seems content.

But that fight was great. Finally some true aggression on Raw.

Oh, and any combination of loud music and Stacy Keibler dancing is top notch entertainment.

According to the New York Times, Madonna's new film was greeted poorly at a test screening, and one man was even heard shouting "Jesus, make it end already!". Maybe the man thought he was watching a Sweet Daddy D match instead.

Dammit, I respond to interview questions sent to me by Cathy Yetman(webmistress of and before she could post them, the site crashes. Its a conspiracy.

Yes, a conspiracy.

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