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I am NOT shaking hands with a strip club owner.
by Dan Titus on 2002-10-01

Here I was on Saturday, around 6 am, and I was on my coffee break at work, when I discovered # 419 in the "It pisses Dan off" handbook. People who get a little fame and money, and instantly figure they can tell the great unwashed whats good for them. This ad features Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow telling us about, oooooh, how we can help decrease global warming, and stop air pollution by switching lightbulbs and all this shit. Wonderful. Why don't you two bimbo's stick to acting and abandon this "defender of our ecology" bit?.

Pisses me off. What, like I'm supposed to just start caring about the world for future generations because Gwyneth tells me to? Ya know what I'm gonna do Gwynnie? I'm going to buy about 30 bottles of that Pam aerosol cooking spray, stand on my porch, and spray the contents randomly in the air. Then, I'll mix my disposables with my recyclables, after which I will enjoy a freshly killed plate of veal.I'll pick the one I'm gonna eat myself, hopefully it will be extra anemic.

Cameron stuttered over her lines like she was Scott Hall on a bender, so maybe she has an excuse.

Ladies, perhaps you'll learn something I did a while ago :Trying to enact change is stupid and a damnable waste of time.
So to Cameron, Gwyneth, and those 25 minute fucking promos that seem to begin every edition of RAW:
Speaking of which, not a horrendous Raw last night. Question: When Big Show has already jobbed to the entire roster, is there anything to be jazzed about with Jeff Hardy getting a countout win? At this point, Big Show is going to end up putting over random spectators. Anyone can pin Show anytime, sort of like the hardcore division.

An entire show of gimmick matches next week? How about a night full of good angles and hot matches? Pfffft. Yeah, who would buy that nonsense?.

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