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Moondog Manson
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You control your own future
by Moondog Manson on 2003-07-17

Every where you turn these days some one is doing their part to ruin the business. You have your Promoters who run schools and will train just about any one with a penny to spend. You have your workers who go on forums and Post inside dirt under fake names. Hell you even have ring rats who set up websites to spread rumors about all those who they have had the opportunity to slut them selves to. The internets been wrongly accused for ruining the business when the only people truly at fault is all of us within.

Every ones does it. I know I have had my share of stupid internet articles exposing this and that. Any wrestler out there, any promoter out there, any one in or around the business has been guilty of some thing like this. It may seem like it is too late to correct your wrongs but I say it is now or never. We all need to start remembering who we are, what we broke into this business for, and why we need to protect it.

We wonít ever be able to keep people from calling the sport we love the term ďFakeĒ, but what we can do is put the magic back into it. Give it that aura that good is fighting evil in a battle of super heroes. That is what fans truly want to see, good versus evil. They donít care what style you wrestle, they donít care how good you are at it, and all they give two shits about is the emotion you give while believing in what you are doing. They want us to give 100% in that ring and play on their emotions.

Wrestlers these days donít realize how important it is these days to get your self known across the internet. At the same time though wrestlers need to be smart and carry them selves professionally on the net. I am one of the best known Indy wrestlers in Canada and yet most of the Indy fans here have never seen me. It is all to do with the marketing of my website. I also have on my website one of the most active forums on an Indy site. But as of late this forum which helped generate me traffic, has also helped degenerate the business.

Forums are a good tool to keep people n your website and coming back, but as with any thing there is a down side. You get marks who think they know it all telling the promotion how to do its business. You get Wrestlers and Promoters posting under fake names stirring bad things up. What you stop getting is fans who love the sport and care about it having a decent place to come chat about what they saw at the last show, what they saw on TV, where the next event is at.

When these fans start getting driven away they not only leave the forums, but they stop coming to the shows. I donít know how many of you enjoy wrestling in front of 50 people, I know I sure donít. All I am asking is every one involved in the wrestling business do their part and do it properly. No more trash talking on websites or forums, no more exposing inside stuff, no more egos and thinking youíre the best there is. If you all keep it up at the rate youíre going the entire business on the Indy level is going to flop.

Vince McMahon doesnít need us any more; he can train his own superstars. So where are we going to go to get better? I would hate to have to start taking backyard bookings just to get my fix of the sport. Just imagine spending 20 years in the business and your highlight was the time you won the Backyard title in Jimmyís backyard. Things need to improve and it is all in your hands. With out a change we are all doomed.

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