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Journal 10
by Tony Kozina on 2000-02-15

The schedule has picked up, and i'm working my tail off. I've been in and out so much that i've barely had time to take care of things at home. I have two precious days off to spend at home, and then it's back on the road for two weeks on a tour of Vancouver Island. I figured now's a good time to write a new journal piece and tell everyone what's been happening...

Where do I start??? First, let me brifly describe the Vancouver Island adventure complete with malfunctions of every kind and a good game of Wildball to boot. We start off this trip by getting pulled over no more than 10 blocks from the starting point because, and I quote "the van is a big piece of sh%t". Is the officer correct? How about this for an answer...

He asks us to open the sliding side door. Juggernaut complies and not only does it open, but it falls right off in coordinance with the Canadian traffic safety and RCMP code book. I sit laughing hysterically into my road woobie so the officer won't hear me. A $500 plus fine is issued, and Disco Fury actually thanked the officer for the ticket. It wasn't the first time Disco would be a source of glory on this trip....

On the way to the ferry the van starts making this noise as if someone put a bag of unpopped popcorn in the engine. Louder, and louder it gets, and I dive into the backseat waiting for the van to blow up. We made it through the first night OK. One the second day, as we started driving off the ferry, that darned Disco Fury dun drives over some kind of apparatus that puntured the trailer tire, and bent the axle all to hell. How he does it is a mystery to me, I'm just proud to call him my hero. I hear the WHoooosh of the tire going flat and find myself in dire need of a bathroom. We get to a resturant to survey the damage, and it looks pretty bad. So at day two, we have a $500 plus ticket, a engine on the brink of explosion, and a flat tire and bent axle. It was now time to beat up the referee since he had been getting on our nerves the entire trip. So, after taping him to a utility pole and raping him of his dignity. Stealing his shoes, throwing fire at him, stealing his cigarettes and letting Beautiful Bruce dance around in front of him blowing smoke in his face. And I will also note for the record encouraging the meego to write profanities on his face and neck, the likes of which won't be repeated here on this family friendly website :) So one rental truck later, we're on the road again. The rest of the tour went smoothly and thank goodness for that. I don't think we could have taken much more!!! The following week I went down to APW and had another great experience there. Roland runs a very tight ship down there and it's a pleasure working for him. I wrestled Jardi Frantz in a very good match, I thought. He's another guy with potential up the wazoo. There's so many out there that it's mind boggling!!!

I also wrestled for WPW at an outdoor show. It was like summer there! It was 75* outside. That was a nice change from the colder, wetter climate from home. I went to Tijuana and met with Rey Misterio Sr. again. It had been awhile since I last saw him, but he remembered me, and was glad to see me. I watched the Lucha Libre card that he was on that evening. I was hoping that I could get on the card, but we arrived too late. We wrestled in Anaheim, CA. earlier that afternoon, and tried to make it to Tijuana in time for the Lucha show, but it was farther than we thought. We hung out wih "Dirty" Dan Denton in LA at his house the next day and I watched the ECCW documentary that he's been working on the past year. What a fantastic piece of work!!!

The fans will really enjoy it when they see it. I think he should do a second part to it, because the first hour just got my tastebuds wet for more. It's a very good look at life on the road, with footage shot from the ECCW summer tours of the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island.

We made it from LA to Portland in 14 1/2 hours which has to be a record of some sort. I was going over 100mph for a good part of the drive. Now, I don't know if i'm usually a speedracer, but driving a 1999 Toyota Camry feels like your driving on glass, and 100mph felt like 65 to me. I wrestled that next weekend for the brand new Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling which got off to a good start running four shows in Albany, Seaside, Newport, and Corvallis, Oregon. I was especially excited about wrestling in Seaside, which is where i'd like to live one day. I'm a nut for the Oregon coast. The guys must have thought I was crazy the entire trip. From me constantly pointing out the ocean and how wonderful it was on the drive from Seaside to Newport, to my required stop at the Bell Buoy so I could purchase some smoked seafood - the candy of the sea as I refer to it, which got some laughs, I was in my paradise. The great thing is that no one else liked those smoked pieces of heaven, which is fine with me. That way I could devour each sweet morsel without the fear of a theifing hand reaching from the backseat to swipe away the sack of goods. Once again, I am preparing to tour Vancouver Island . This time for nearly two weeks. There is still so many stories that I left out, like my newest creation-- Roadwars. I'll save that for another time. Until then just have as much fun as you can possibly have, and laugh yourself silly every chance you get.....

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