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Moondog Manson
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Sexual Vanilla, Orderly Manson, Moondog Mysterio Jr., Moondog Hollywood, Torch, El Fuego Grande, Moondog Tyson


354 lbs. 

North Vancouver September 18th, 1976

From the wilds of Canada

Pro debut:
October 3rd 1997

Theme Music:
"I don't know anything" by Mad Seasons, or "Wrestling is Real" by the Foreign Objects.

Finishing Moves:
Manson Masher (modified Bossman slam) or Tiger Bomb or Top rope slam turned into sit down driver. Top Rope Splash

First Match: 

October 3rd 1997 at Lord Byng Secondary, Manson and Chopps did a Run in on Generation X. Later in the show there was a Weapons Battle Royale. Manson Eliminated Both Torch and Strife (then they were Generation X) and they returned the favor by coming back into the ring and eliminating Manson.

Favorite Match: 
November 20th, 1999 Port Hardy BC. Facing Juggernaut in a Hardcore tournement final, this match erupted into a death match. Both men battled in and out of the ring using numerous weapons on each other. Coils of barbedwire, thumbtacks, ladders, chairs, name it. Moondog Manson shot Juggernaut off into the ropes and gave him a Manson Masher onto the thumbtacks the placed a steel chair on his opponents face and climbed to the top and did a flyinh elbow onto Juggernaut for the 1.....2.....3

Titles Held: 
NWA/ECCW Hardcore Champ
--Nov 26th 1999 defeated the Ladies Choice in a hardcore tournement final
--Apr 8th 2000 defeated the Ladies Choice
--Apr 17th 2000 defeated Leatherface
--Sept 29th 2000 defeated Notorious TID
--Jan 12th 2002 defeated Wrathchild
--Apr 26th 2002 defeated Father Juan
--Aug 22nd 2003 defeated Dropkick Murphy
--Nov 25th 2005 defeated Cremator
--May 30th 2008 defeated Cremator

NWA/ECCW Tag Team Champion
--Sept 29 1998(with Moondog Chopps) defeated Michelle Starr and Johnny Canuck
--Jan 22 1999(with Moondog Chopps) defeated Michelle Starr and Johnny Canuck

BCW Extreme Title
--Sept 29 2002(with Moondog Chopps) crowned first ever BCW Extreme Champion

BCW Tag Team Champion
--Feb 28 2003 (with Cody Washington) defeated Masked Diablo & Dirty Money
--Sept 7 2003 (with Cody Washington) defeated Masked Diablo & Dirty Money

Promotions worked for:
Extreme Canadian Championship wresling
Pro Wrestling Canada

New Attitude Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
Portland Wrestling
Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling
Outlaw X

Universal Independent Wrestling Aliiance
World Wrestling Federation (in a supporting role)
Canadian Wrestling Federation
Championship Wrestling USA

Provinces or States worked in:
British Columbia

"I ain't doing hardcore tonight"
"Why is the rib always on me guys?"
"Just remember I ain't no son of a bitch, I am a fat bastard"
"Manson 3:16, The Promoter says I suck"
"I ain't big boned, I'm FAT"


Quotes from the boys: Moondog Manson says "Leatherface is by far the sickest man I have ever met in the ring, the moment he hits you in the head with that steal chair you here a creepy laugh come from under that hood.".
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