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Moondog Manson
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I no longer maintain my match record

Win Loss Record for the year 2002 & 2003 & 2004

Records have only been kept since January 22nd, 1999, I have been
wrestling since October 3rd 1997 and had an estimated 100 matches that
were not recorded in this list.

226 matches litsed in records
(does not include battle Royales which have been well over 100)

Date Opponent Win or Loss Record
Mar 5 Vance Nevada & Disco Fury Win ECCW
Feb 26 Vance Nevada Loss ECCW
Fbe 6 Maniac Matt Borne No Contest ECCW
Nov 21 Scotty Mac Win ECCW
Nov 16 Mas Diablo Win ECCW
Sept 7 Dirty Money & Mas Diablo Win BCW
Sept 7 Dirty Money & Mas Diablo Loss BCW
Sept 6 Dirty Money & Mas Diablo Loss BCW
Aug 22 Dropkick Murphy Win ECCW
Jul 25 Dropkick Murphy Loss ECCW
Jun 27 Vid Vain Loss ECCW
Jun 21 Scotty Mac Loss NAW
Feb 28

Masked Diablo

Loss BCW
Feb 28 Dirty Money & Mas Diablo Win BCW
Feb 26 Masked Diablo Loss BCW
Feb 26 Dirty Money & Mas Diablo Win BCW
Jan 11 Leatherface No Contest ASW
Nov 22 Ladies Choice Loss ECCW
Sept 13 Rico Quinones Win 97-103-11
Jul 21 Scotty Mac Loss 96-103-11
Jul 16 Michelle Starr Loss 96-102-11
Jun 28 The Canadian Butcher Win 96-101-11
Jun 22 Layne Fontaine Win 95-101-11
Jun 21 Skag Rollins Loss 94-101-11
Jun 15 Rico Quinones Win 94-100-11
Jun 14 Seth Knight Win 93-100-11
May 31 Brian Bedlam Win 92-100-11
May 24 Dirty Money Win 91-100-11
Apr 26 Backwood Militia (tag) No Contest   90-100-11 
Mar 29 Wrathchild Loss  90-100-10 
Mar 23 Wrathchild Loss  90-99-10 
Mar 22 Wrathchild Loss  90-98-10 
Mar 16 Cheechuck & Wrathchild (3way) Loss  90-97-10 
Mar 15 Cheechuck & Killswitch (tag) Loss  90-96-10 
Mar 1 Killswitch Loss  90-95-10 
Feb 24 Wrathchild  Loss  90-94-10 
Feb 23 Wrathchild  Win  90-93-10 
Feb 22 Wrathchild Win  89-93-10 
Feb 15 S.C.U.M. & Raj (6 man)  Win  88-93-10 
Jan 25 S.C.U.M. (tag) Loss 87-93-10
Jan 12 Wrathchild Win 87-92-10

click here for the 2001 Archive

Quotes from the boys: Moondog Manson says "The key to success in the wrestling business is by being humble, respectful, and paying your dues. With out these you will fail.".
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