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Official Wrestlers, Managers, and Referees

Dutch Savage
Eddie Osbourne Evil Eddie Watts
Ric "The Equalizer" Drasin Black Dragon
The Mighty Hercules Cortez Tony Kozina  

Adam Firestorm

Jason The Terrible

Amanda Storm

Dave Dread

Vance Nevada

Steve Rush

Official Promotions & Schools

Pro Wrestling Canada American Wrestling Federation
ECCW Maniac Wrestling

NWA Wrestling

Powerlifting and Fitness Sites

Other Wrestling Sites

WWF Disciples Proud's Picture Place
New Scott the Softer Side of Sports Entertainment

Solies Vintage Wrestling

World According To Us

Dope Gee Wrestling Alliance


The man they call Shoe


Wrestlers Sites

USA Indy Wrestling

Wrestling Toplinks Karma's Wrestling Retro

Non Wrestling Links

Insane Bill Coltrane Dino Records
Jodie York

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Quotes from the boys: Ed Moretti says "Hey kid, its already ten minutes in, people are going crazy, and we ain't even tied up yet".
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