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Moondog Manson
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Me walking to the ring. Me staring at that fat wannabe pretty boy Skag. Me choking Skag Rollins. Slamming that fatty into a ladder.
Slamming him yet another way into it. Choke Style #14 Choke style #124 Being choked style #97
When Ladder meeets back. When face meets Ladder. Bleeding yet again. On the way to the ring against Rico.
Showing I known atleast one wrestling move. I bet this will feel great. Judging by my face I ain;t feeling to well. Looks like it but I didn't break his neck.
Laying around after Layne Fontaine DDT's me on a steel chair.      

Quotes from the boys: Moondog Manson says "The key to success in the wrestling business is by being humble, respectful, and paying your dues. With out these you will fail.".
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