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Moondog Manson
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I am in the process of adding all my old photos and all my new ones making this into a giant online archive of my matches. So for the time being please check out all these and check back for more in the near future.

From all Shows in June - June 2002
Description: Matches include 'Manson Vs. Rico Quiones', 'Manson vs. Layne Fontaine', and 'Manson vs. Skag Rollins'.
[click here to access]
Manson vs. Brian Bedlam - May 31st, 2002
Description: It appears I will be feuding with this agile big man. Brian Bedlam and I took our match all over and even outside of the building in this bloody & stiff hardcore match. The match was so over it was instantly rebooked for a Dog collar Chain & Thumbtack Hardcore Match.
[click here to access]
Various Photos - past 3 years
Description: There is several personal photos in here and other action shots with no clear dates.
[click here to access]
Marty at XPW - July 8th, 2001
Description: Marty living in California sent up some photos of a XPW show, the XPW girls, and XPW wrestlers in and out of character.
[click here to access]
Manson vs. Ladies Choice - April 24th, 2000
Description: This set of photos is from back when I was briefly with the Backwoods Militia and facing the Ladies Choice.
[click here to access]
Manson vs. Ladies Choice - November 26th, 1999
Description: This hardcore match used every thing from Barbedwire to Thumbtacks, Tables to Chairs...even included a Bleeding Ladies Choice and Cookie sheet swinging Veronica Lake.
[click here to access]
Manson vs. Ladies Choice - November 12th, 1999
Description: Hardcore Ladder match in which Ladies Choice pushes me and the Ladder over onto a canvas covered in thumbtacks. He then climbed the ladder to remove the panties from being suspended to win the match and to win Veronica back.
[click here to access]
Manson vs. Ladies Choice - October 29th, 1999
Description: This was the birth of Sexual Vanilla Moondog Manson. After Winning Veronica Lake in the previous show in New Westminster I decided to show my stylin' and profilin' side. We tore the building up like we always did.
[click here to access]
Mysterio jr. vs. Beckett - August 20th, 2000
Description: Myself, while wrestling under a hood as Moondog Mysterio Jr. takes on Chance Beckett w/ Fawnia. This was the first round of a Jr. Heavyweight Tourney.
[click here to access]

Quotes from the boys: Notorious T.I.D. says "Well, I guess it's time to start naming some names. Sweet Daddy stink.....go wash. Jamie stink.....go wash. Magnus.......quit shitting yourself."
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