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*disclaimer - any and all reports, columns, or news stories are the views and opinions of the author and may not be taken as the views or opinions of this website, or the owner of this website. If at any point you have a legal issue with this website please feel free to contact us at

Latest Articles

TOD BULLET: I Made A Few Good Friends
by on 2004-02-29

In this business, I guess you have a lot of acquaintences...but very few friends.
- Jeff Jarrett

That expression rings so true in the wrestling industry. Myself, going from a fan of the sport, to someone who was involved, to s...[More]

Memories of Mike Lozanski
by Marty Goldstein on 2003-12-21

Just before I started working on the wrestling study for the goverment of Manitoba this spring, I realized that I was getting very upset every time I wrote an in-memorium column for Moondog and other websites, because so many of them were about...[More]

by on 2003-11-04

In my last column I was very critical of the state that the National Wrestling Alliance was in. I received a number of emails regarding that article including one from NWA President Bill Behrens. It seems that Mr. Behrens, along with several other promote...[More]

“Ohhhhhh … What a Rush!” - Mike Hegstrand (aka Road Warrior Hawk) 1957-2003
by Adam Knight on 2003-10-28

What can a guy like me possibly say to eulogize an absolute icon like Hawk?

Precious little, I’m thinking.

After all, I only got to hang around Mike (as he insisted I call him) for about 15 hours last year. And in that too-short time, ...[More]

Tod Bullet: What is with the NWA?
by on 2003-10-12

NWA / TNA or not?

The National Wrestling Alliance. The longest running organized body of professional wrestling in history...or is it?

While NWA Total Nonstop Action is enjoying some degree of success, how about the rest of the ...[More]

by on 2003-09-04

As if having a sloping 12 foot ring that could fall apart at any time wasn't bad enough, River City Wrestling promoter Wayne Stanton singlehandedly made why he has been badmouthing the Manitoba Wrestling Safety Study easy to understand. On a show with mor...[More]

Tod Bullet: WWE Gets An "F"
by on 2003-08-17

World Wrestling Entertainment has failed to entertain me for some time now. Although I've always been a fan of the more traditional style of wrestling, there was a time back when it was simply the WWF when I would find myself glued to the set each and eve...[More]

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Quotes from the boys: Moondog Manson says "Leatherface is by far the sickest man I have ever met in the ring, the moment he hits you in the head with that steal chair you here a creepy laugh come from under that hood.".
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